8 editing tips from my photo editor

Jenna offered to run to the Bean and get us some coffee to finish the work day. I happily sent her on her way and I grabbed a seat at our dining room table.

Jenna has been editing weddings for us for almost 3 years and it has changed our whole business.

After a wedding, I load the images, back up the images, cull the images, and then I hand it over to Jenna. From there, she syncs similar photos with our Brittley preset suite, makes final adjustments (crop/exposure/contrast tweaks) and then she hands it back over to me. It's a simple process that brings so much joy to both of us! I get to bless my sister through my business and she blesses my clients and their whole wedding gallery.


She says this is her dream job, but nothing can be as dreamy as the work she's putting out!

Jenna is graduating from high school today and unless I'm too caught up in the moment, you can catch me storying it up over on Instagram! I thought it would be fun to have her share a few things she's learned while editing weddings and this is the list she texted me.


8 things Jenna's learned while editing weddings

1. People can't be blue

The first time I edited a wedding, there was some mixed lighting in the reception. I knew Jordan liked blues and greens so I may have edited the photos so that people were slightly blue. Jordan walked me through the gallery and said, "Jenna, people can't be blue." Something about the whole thing was so funny that we just died laughing. So now it's like an inside joke on our team. 

2. Going through each gallery is so much fun

I get to see that each couple has a whole new love story. Every love story centered around Him can only be absolutely beautiful.


3. Presets changed everything!

‘Nough said.

Jordan here - I created the Brittley Preset Suite to make Jenna's job a little easier and it transformed her editing time and her edits! 

4. I'm now super picky about photos

I have to unfollow people on insta who don't know how to properly crop/edit photos - or at least get it close. It drives me insane.


5. You've got to have a color board

Having a color board to keep a general idea of what you want a gallery to look like is so helpful!

Jordan here: You can now create your own color board with the Color Board Templates for Lightroom! Simply drag and drop your favorite photos into the templates and update your board anytime you want. Minimalist, traditional and modern styles are all there inside the color board template pack.


6. Skin tones skin tones skin tones!!!!

Sometimes you have mixed lighting or the ceremony is dimly lit. Hit the "overhead light" preset in the Brittley Preset Suite and watch our magic happen. Skin tones are the most important part of the image.


7. Filmy greens are AMAZING

I am working in the office for Jordan this summer (AND EDITING!!) and now I get to stare at filmy greens for my job. 

8. Wedding details are everything

I have a whole new love for pretty wedding dresses, wedding flowers, and couple photos 😍 it all just makes me warm and happy.


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Happy graduation day, Jen! Your joy is contagious and we are thankful for you in life and biz. <3