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How I approach brand shoots

The above shot was taken right after the sun had disappeared behind the trees. There wasn't a ton of light left (you can even see car headlights in the bottom right photo), so I had Charity turn to face the last of the light. I wanted to be careful not to overexpose and lose the detail in her white shirt, so I underexposed this image a ton. I wouldn't have underexposed by this much, but there was such a difference between her white shirt and the background that I needed to make sure to protect the detail in her shirt. 

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4 Light & Airy secrets for Lightroom

You open Lightroom for another editing session, bound and determined to make the editing process feel like a trip to the spa.

You and I both want those Light & Airy images, and sure, sometimes you’ll have to deal with editing tricky images, but having a bit of a formula definitely wouldn’t hurt. We took our must-happen-to-every-image edits and put them in a free preset just for you, so if you don’t have that freebie yet, now’s a good time to click, download, install, and come back to this post so you can learn just a bit more about LR secrets that will give your image just a bit of a boost.

Open Lightroom and let’s chat about four areas you won’t necessarily use on every image, but when the time is right, these secrets add that extra somethin’-somethin’ to your photo.

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Never do this to your Lightroom presets

If you do a quick Google search, you might see a tutorial that involves just opening the Develop module (located in the top right menu in Lightroom), locating the presets section and right clicking on User Presets —> Import...

Never do this when importing presets into Lightroom. We've gotta keep Lightroom easy for you to use…

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