Daniel's happy birthday movie (2-years-old)

My sister, Jenna, was over on Monday doing a little work in the office (and some work on the deck because let's get real - spring weather is so good). Daniel played in the yard while I showed her how to pick out music for my video projects. As silly as it sounds, I don't love being in charge of finding the perfect song for a video! So handing that over to Jenna, the music queen, is a dream for me!

When Daniel heard his birthday movie playing, he crawled into my lap and we watched it over and over and over again. He laughs every time he kisses the camera and when he kisses the wagon at the end! Isaac and I do, too. Our little strawberry-blonde has us laughing all the time. His budding confidence, his new sentences, and his joy about everything under the sun is enough to make me pause each day.


Unhindered joy.

The lives we are living are beautiful.
— @jordanbrittley

Daniel helps me with the laundry every morning. He and I pick up clothes from the bathroom, carry them to the washer and move all of the clothes from the washer to the dryer. He reminds me to feed his little fish and then he asks to go outside and "pway on the swide!" I persuade him to eat some breakfast while I read a book or an essay to him (currently reading a chapter from Magic of Motherhood each morning) and then we journey to the deck.


It's like our slice of beautiful to kickstart the day. And most days, I've already been out there to drink water, talk to Jesus, and write a little. Spring, just stay forever.

The lives we are living are beautiful. No matter what we face - this life is beautiful. When I watch this little birthday movie on repeat, I see that ring true in my own life. I see him laughing and running and living like he's wild and free. He inspires me. And I realize that somewhere along the way, Isaac and I were the ones to inspire that kind of life for him. When he dances, we dance with him. When he spins around, we clap our hands. When he laughs, we laugh with him.

And he inspires us to dance, spin around under the stars, and laugh a little more each day.

We spent Daniel's birthday weekend doing all of the things he loves - the lake (hello, little fish), the zoo, noodles (japanese steak house), ice cream, and time at the farm with Gramama and Pa (Isaac's grandparents). 


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Happy Birthday, Daniel Hosea!