Downtown Springfield Senior - Jenna Renae

I can't believe Jenna is a senior! My heart is so full. There are three images that made me fall in love with photography and Jenna is the subject of two of them. When she was little, I made her lay on the bathroom floor so we could do a whole shoot! Good thing my mom likes to keep her house clean, right?! Yes, I think that we can all agree that it's weird to do a shoot on the bathroom floor. Haha! I have learned a few things since I first started!

I have photographed her so much over the years and it's really a special part of our friendship. When I photograph her, I feel like we learn so much more about each other and we step into even more freedom. Isn't that what sisterhood should be all about?

 Downtown Senior Photographer - Springfield MO

Jenna is full of life! This girl is so eager to serve others and love them well. She doesn't want anyone to feel left out and she has the heart of a peacemaker. I love that she stands up for others, but that it doesn't really look like standing against other people. It just looks like a lot of love wrapped up in a beautiful heart.  

She spends her time play softball, going to bed early (she values her sleep), and editing for me! She doesn't love coffee, but aspires to love it one day. She is soft spoken and still very vibrant. She doesn't try to make everything about her, but instead she tried to build others up. I love this girl!

Jordan Brittley2 Comments