What Mac should you buy for your business?

Yes! Let's just spend all day talking about computers and gadgets, okay?

I've been using a Mac since sophomore year of Mr Jones' digital imaging class. And I do not see myself ever going back to a PC. Once you take the jump and go for a mac, there's no going back.

It's easy to use, secure, and it's the best computer if you're editing photos, videos, or working with graphics. I'm sure I could maybe find something better if I wanted to shell out 40k for a computer, but I don't. My mac does absolutely everything I need it to do, so I'll take those extra dollars and go on vacation or buy 10 more macs. ;)

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So how do you decide which Mac to get?

I have purchased just about every computer Apple makes. I started with a 17" MacBook Pro and moved to a 15" MacBook Pro when the 17 was done. Then I moved to an iMac (with retina) and an 11" MacBook.

What do I use these days?

It took me some time to figure out a system that worked well for our whole team. I knew that I definitely needed two computers since Jenna works in my office. But I also needed a laptop so I could work (blog, cull weddings, edit small shoots, create marketing videos, etc) while I'm traveling.

So we are currently using the 27" iMac with Retina 5K and the 15" MacBook Pro (all of the new pros have retina display). I went with minimal storage on the laptop since I'm pretty good at keeping my hard drive cleaned. External hard drives are in abundance over here!

I do most of my work in a coffee shop or on the deck (I know, #totalmillennial) and work from the desk if I'm in the office or finalizing a wedding (or engagement) gallery! I need that big screen to make sure we're delivery top-notch to our clients.

what mac should you get for your business?

What computer is right for you?

College student 

If you're a college student and just want to be able to write + surf, go with the iPad pro and a keyboard. This will work great if you're not a photographer, designer, or videographer!

I have to say - I invested in the iPad pro and it's changed my doodling life. [Insert all the laughing faces here] I use it mostly for marketing... this tool is more about creating an experience around the overall brand.

Small business 

Do you want to work from a desk? Do you need to be able to work on the go? Or does your job require a little bit of both?

How many people will need access to your computer? Jenna needed to use one of my computers, so that was a huge factor in deciding to get two.

If you aren't working with photos, videos, or design, I don't think you need a MacBook Pro. Go with something like the MacBook and pick out one of those pretty finishes for the mac (I'd go with that rose gold!).

Small business working with photos, videos, and/or design

Go with the MacBook Pro or the iMac. Photogs, I think the MacBook Pro is an absolute must for what we're doing. And the iMac makes it easy to get into the details of photos (or video and design) and make sure everything is good to go!

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The real reason to get the iMac is the screen. :)


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So tell me — what mac is your favorite? Do you prefer to work on the big screen or do you prefer portable? Or are you like me and you pretty much own all Apple products? ;)