How to make blogging work for your business

Blogging is still alive and well! 

The way we consume information online is changing, but blogging is still a powerful way to pivot your marketing in a solid direction.

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1. Decide when you'll hit "publish" 

Whether you love a good routine, or you prefer to do something different each day, consistency is the way to grow your blog. It's totally fine to have a personal blog and only post when you feel like it! But if it's tied to your business name, consistently posting is key.

This looks different for each business! Photographers can approach their blogs by consistently blogging their work. Coffee shops can consistently post by sharing a recipe a week. You can blog once a month, once a week, or every day. 

I prefer to blog 3 times a week! It works best with how I approach motherhood and business and it still allows me to serve others. Whatever you decide, just commit to something specific and stick to it! Sometimes it takes just a month to see drastic growth and sometimes it takes 6 months. So don't worry if you don't see results right away - these things take time!

2. Be strategic with your content, but don't overthink it

i love the months where I plan out my content (I'm in one of those right now), but I also love relaxing a bit and just posting what I want to write about. For me, it's a great way to avoid burnout! So give yourself permission to be strategic (only sharing 1 of each type of post a week, etc), but live under grace. You don't need that pressure.  

3. Use your voice

This sounds obvious, right? But there's something that happens from time to time when we put on our writing hat... 

We get in our own heads and it makes it hard to actually sound like ourselves. Yes, you can be professional. But professional looks like showing up consistently, not sounding like a robot. Been there! And let me tell you - it's so freeing to give up perfect writing and trade it for how I really talk! 

4. Give, give, give

I really love creating free resources for you! I love sharing anything and everything I know because, as far as I'm concerned, there are no secrets! I've learned over the years that my blog is not the place to ask for a sale. This blog is a way to pour out, share what we're doing, and give content that transforms.

5. Remember what really matters

All those things you're doing outside your business? Those things matter. I know you know that, but I just want to speak that truth right here.

6. Share your story

You get to decide what this means. You can share a lot of details about your life or you can share just the highlights. But putting yourself on your blog is important!

Unless you're Anthropologie. You don't have to share personal stuff on your blog, Anthropologie. Also, if someone from Anthropologie is reading this, shoot me an email so we can work together because I love y'all.

Take care of your heart. You can be transparent and real on your blog, but it gets to look however you want it to look! There's total freedom here and there's something powerful that happens when we embrace that in our content.

7. Get on video  

If this doesn't sound like your cup of tea, hear me out! This is one of the fastest way to build trust with your audience. Think about what happens when you want to purchase something new from Apple. We all totally trust Appl by this point, but we still watch the video. It's how we prefer to make a decision on whether we truly value the product or service.


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My hope is that whether you're a long-time blogger or just a newbie that you'd be encouraged and inspired to make your blog work for you and your business. I'm learning that it's not about creating something perfect, but about creating something that matters... something that transforms.