3 marketing lessons we can learn from this firefighter (how to save a cat)

Let's talk honest marketing.

I used to think it couldn't be done. I would just be forced to wait for my dream people to come find me and book just just like that.

But the truth is that honest marketing is simple and it just requires a little confidence and a little strategy.

While flipping through youtube videos one afternoon, I came across this GoPro commercial...

3 marketing lessons from the firefighter GoPro commercial

Turn your brand into the noun

We've seen Apple do this for years. When someone is talking about their MacBook, they don't say, "I have a computer and it's a mac." They say, "I have a mac." This is what happens when brands become more than a product. 

You can see the same thing at the beginning of this GoPro commercial. The text reads: BE A HERO. Clever spin on their most expensive camera. 

Insert emotion into the scene

No matter who you are, you can connect with a story of victory. There's something dramatic about saving something from a fire... something every human can relate to. We cheer on the underdog and GoPro takes us on a journey of cheering on this cat and being thankful for firefighters.

Find a way to honor the stories of the people who use your product or service. GoPros don't change lives, but they are around people who change lives.

Strong call to action

You don't need a call to action with everything you share, post, or write. But you definitely need a call to action every time you wrap up a story.

You can ask a question or just ask your audience to do something. You'll notice that GoPro didn't slam us with a "Buy our product in order to become a hero" at the end of the video. Instead, they put up the same text we saw at the beginning: "Be a hero."

3 marketing lessons we can learn from this firefighter (how to save a cat)_1.jpg

Quick tip: short cuts and slow pans. You'll see me do this with Instagram so it's one of the ways I hold interest for just a little bit longer. When you can, give your viewers something new to look at as you tell a story. 

GoPro is telling us what their brand is about in just a couple minutes. They also feature surfers, skydivers, and adventurers in their commercials. But here we get to see a little bit of the heart.

3 marketing lessons we can learn from this firefighter (how to save a cat).jpg

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