Quick light and airy tips for overcast days

Spring is upon us and that means we're swinging from bright and sunny to overcast with a it's-definitely-raining in a matter of minutes. At least that's what we're doing in the Midwest.

So when it comes to taking photos of your favorite people (or clients) this spring, here are a few photo tips for your rainy days.

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True or false: overcast makes for the best lighting

False. Overcast is amazing — we can make the colors pop or mute them with ease. It's great for every shooting style and there's so much flexibility. And as far as shooting a wedding on a rainy day, a good photographer knows how to use that light to their advantage. 

But not all light is good light — even on a rainy or overcast day.

Light and Airy - photo tips for rainy and overcast days

Tip #1: Find the brightest side of your subject and shoot in that direction.

If you and your friends are out taking a selfie at the zoo (ummm... make sure you say hello to me and my fam!), look for the brightest side of your shirt. Is the back of your shirt just every-so-slightly shaded? Great! You're facing toward the best light.

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Is the front of your shirt a little shaded? Turn yourself around for that selfie.

Same thing if you're shooting a wedding! Look for the brightest side of the groom's tux and shoot in that direction for a light and airy image.

I did this exact thing on Ruthie and Jesse's wedding day to still get that light and airy look! And this was even taken under the trees toward the end of the day with thick clouds (and no view of the sun)...

Light and Airy - photo tips for rainy and overcast days

Tip #2: You have more flexibility if you're in a wide-open space

There are different types of overcast. Sometimes it's just 1 layer of clouds and everything feels bright even though you can't see the sun. If that's the case and you're shooting in an open field, you can definitely shoot the shadow side.

This is the best way to get that slight ring of light around your subject on a cloudy day!

Light and Airy - photo tips for rainy and overcast days

I hope this gives you some inspiration as we head full force into wedding season (YAY!) and makes your next selfie a little more fun! And as always - you can totally break rules. Take the tips and make them your own. Only you can see the world the way you do!


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