Most underrated light and airy preset

There’s a bright and airy preset that’s ready to change your editing life. You know those horribly lit ceremonies? Receptions? 

Yeah, you’ve already got to make sure your temperature and your tint are on point. Why in the world would you want to fiddle with your saturation sliders, too?

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The Light & Airy preset that'll change your editing life

Most underrated Light and Airy Preset

There’s a preset in the bright and airy Brittley Preset Suite that tends to take backstage, but it has bragging rights and it’s ready to cheer you on during your editing sesh.

So the next time you’re shooting with mixed lighting, here’s what I need you to do.

Step 1: Cull those pretty images

Time to cull those bright and airy images you’ve been shooting. And I know you’ve been rocking manual like a boss because you all are grabbing the “How to get the light and airy look in-camera” guide like crazy.

Just in case you need to go ahead and get started in Lightroom, here’s a tutorial teaching you how: Get started with Lightroom editing

The Light & Airy preset you keep forgetting

Light and Airy Photo Recipe

Edited with the Brittley Preset Suite

1. Shoot a wedding in St. Louis where cathedrals are all the rage
2. Walk in and realize there’s no natural light
3. Take a drink of water because no big
4. Apply the Brittley Fuji preset and the Overhead Light preset

Step 2: Apply your favorite 1-click preset or do the 10 second edit

Brittley Fuji is a go-to for most of our BPS fam because you can use this 1-click preset in any and every situation!

Beautiful greens? Yeah, it rocks those, too.

That’s what we’re about over here. No fake greens. No way. Don’t worry, friend! We got your back and we’ll make sure your skin tones and greens are up to par with your film work. And if you don’t shoot film? Well, no one will ever know. Including the big blogs and magazines.

Brittley Portra is based off of my film style — cooled off, but vibrant!

Insider tip — Once you’re familiar with BPS, find your go-to 1-click preset and use the 10 second edit for trickier images. Or those times when you just want to experiment and try something new. You know, because you’re creative and you can do that.

This Light & Airy preset will change your editing life

Light and Airy Photo Recipe

Edited with the Brittley Preset Suite

1. Don’t worry about shooting in mixed light when the bride’s getting ready
2. Don’t worry about pulling out the flash and blinding everyone
3. Shoot & cull with a peach tranquility tea because #nostress
4. Apply the Brittley Fuji preset and the Overhead Light preset and get excited to blog this wedding!

Step 3: Apply the Overhead Light preset from the Saturation group. BAM.

I don’t say “bam” very often even though it’s probably my biggest writing temptation. I’ve got to reserve that word for special times. Like this one. 

Because Overhead Light? It’s your best friend when you have a tricky mixed lighting situation happening.

Insider tip — Brittley Fuji and Overhead Light go well together when you’re dealing with mixed lighting. When you’re shooting indoors with hardly any natural light, this combination will be a go-to.

light and airy preset before and after

Light and Airy Photo Recipe

Edited with BPS

1. Spot the most adorable ring bearer after he’s just walked down the aisle
2. Wait until he pulls out a phone to take a photo of the bride
3. Think “cutest thing EVER
4. Brittley Pro  + Overhead light all the way

most underrated light and airy preset from the preset suite

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So next time you sit down for an editing sesh and you start to fret that your editing is going to be all wonky when it comes to the ceremony or reception? Apply the overhead light preset with your signature Brittley Preset Suite editing style and post to insta like the light and airy boss you are.

What’s your favorite preset in the Brittley Preset Suite? What are your favorite combinations for tricky lighting situations?