We are hiring a nanny!

We are hiring a part-time nanny for our littles! 16 hours a week in Bolivar, MO.

I never thought those words would come out of my mouth because my plan was always to work during nap time. What?! Haha! But I've learned over the last 3 years that having dedicated work hours that don't change just because nap time was delayed (or nonexistent - ha!) is one of the best ways I can serve my family and walk out God's call on my life. 

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Watching them become friends is one of the sweetest things...

Watching them become friends is one of the sweetest things...


And right now that is going to look like encouraging, inspiring, and equipping creative mompreneurs in their business through light & airy photos AND ___________. (<<- There's another topic I am so excited to start teaching about, but I can't share just yet!)

So we are looking for a nanny! Because if I'm going to walk out my call as a momma and a creative entrepreneur well, then I am going to need some help. You know, someone to make sure my littles are fed, diapers are changed, laughs have happened, artwork has been made (or whatever fun thing happened that day) and the house isn't in a state of chaos at the end of the day.

Snuggles are an everyday thing in our house. :)

Snuggles are an everyday thing in our house. :)


A nanny to love on Daniel and Hannah while I am working. This is so much more than a job to us and we are looking for someone who has a calming presence, who loves serving little ones, and who is meek and compassionate.

You would be the perfect fit for this is you are teachable and able to teach, an encourager, a helper, and eager to give a gentle response. We are looking for someone who is organized, has their own transportation, and also has a clean driving record.

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I'll be working 16 hours a week and I'm thinking about breaking up that time into 2 longer days or 1 longer day + 2 shorter days. I'm excited to work out a schedule that is good for our family, my work, and our future nanny. Ideally, we would be looking at a start date in April, but we are willing to be flexible if it's the right fit for our family. Gosh, we would wait until August for the right girl!

We want our nanny to feel part of our family and be an example of what it means to live out JOY in everyday life. Our typical mornings look like smoothies for breakfast, a devotional for Daniel and I at the kitchen table — or in the living room depending on Hannah — and tidying up a few things. After lunch, it's quiet play time or a short nap as Daniel transitions out of napping entirely. He loves being outside and I'm sure Hannah will as well once it warms up enough for some time on the deck!

Nanny Application - Jordan Brittley and littles_0004.jpg

Above all, I want our children to learn that Jesus loves them, which I think can be taught whether I'm coloring with Daniel, teaching him to sort laundry, being goofy with Daniel trying to get Hannah to laugh, or making up songs as we do life in our home.

We are passionate about making the gospel known in our home, city, country, and world. We want someone in our home who will teach our children about what it means to have faith and walk it out. Someone who will teach our children without shaming them and always point them to the cross.

I'm excited to find our gal! My prayer is that she will always feel loved in our home and know that she can call our home her own.

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We will be taking applications until 11:59 PM CST on March 31, 2018. We will begin the interview process on April 2, 2018.

16 hours a week in Bolivar, Missouri.