Say hello to light & airy photos

*edit photos in 10 seconds or less

And create your own light and airy photos. Even if you’re not a photographer — what?!


You’re OBSESSED with clean, creamy skin tones, film-inspired greens and that dreamy bokeh… but you don't want to spend forever and a day tweaking and adjusting every single photo.

You definitely want to stop second guessing yourself before you post to instagram.

You’re pouring another cup of cold brew into your favorite mug. Maybe you’ll take a pic for insta story, just to have something to do while you procrastinate the long process awaiting you.

You're sacrificing sleep, gearing up for another editing session and convinced that editing is just supposed to take a lot of time.

You like to think of yourself as a homebody adventurer, but these days, you’re finding yourself saying “no” to hanging out with your favorite people … and locked to your computer on vacation. No, thanks.

Sigh. Something needs to change, because editing? It's starting to keep you from life.

See what they’re shooting…

light and airy lightroom presets

Imagine being able to have a done-for-you editing base that makes finding & nailing the light-and-airy style feel like smooth sailing—so you can get your life back.

You’d be able to get that light-and-airy feel, dreamy skin tones, and film-inspired color in fractions of the time all the while creating a fits-your-Instagram-feed level of consistency across your platforms.


* Oh, and you’re not a professional photog? Pssh. They’d never be able to tell that your blog photos weren’t snapped by a brand photographer … but by you and that fancy camera that’s now finally working for you—praise-hands-emoji.

Even better? You could say goodbye to tutorials on CreativeLive, YouTube, and more YouTube … and be able to curl up with that Magnolia Journal in your favorite comfy chair in the same room as your family (while they’re still awake, awww, yeah!!).

It's time to get your hands on presets that actually work for you, so you can get back to things like building a blog of pin-worthy content, getting featured in Martha Stewart or... you know... Forbes, dancing in the kitchen with your people, and waking up feeling like you just got the best night of sleep... ever. Hello, 10 second edits.


Because you didn’t start this business just to stare at a computer screen.

You’re a business owner, creative entrepreneur, blogger, photographer or momma...

The people you're serving aren’t the only ones who deserve a great experience. You know that editing from scratch has to go.

I’ve 100% been there... desperate to find something to cure my editing woes, make me feel confident with my photos and get me back to my people.

I wanted photos that were bright and airy, looked like film and had creamy skin tones.



Introducing the

Brittley Preset Suite


A collection of looks-like-film presets

19 mix-and-match presets sorted into 8 groups and my 2 signature 1-click presets so you can create light and airy photos in under 10 seconds

light blue square image.png

I wanted to make digital photos look like bright, airy film photos.

So I pulled out a piece of paper and did the  math. Light and airy, looks-like-film is now in clickable form.

There's a formula for everything and taking a digital photo and making it look like light and airy film photography is now in clickable form.

So I’m drawing back the curtain and handing over the exact presets I created for my own business using my computer science background.

It’s time for you to nail those creamy skin tones and film-greens… all in the time it takes to import a photo in Lightroom and take 2 sips of coffee.

Why? Because I believe you’re smart. You’re creative. You have gifts to give to the world. And if we know anything about people like you, it’s that with fewer decisions to make each day, you’ll be able to dive deeper into inspiration. That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of editing for you!

Brittley preset suite — light and airy lightroom presets

What's inside

19 mix & match presets so you can #rockyouredits

02 signature looks-like-film Brittley™ 1-click presets

01 membership site for our #BrittleyPresets fam

All waiting for you instantly, so you can light your favorite desk candle and knock out your latest photos in record time.


Lifetime Access


And did I mention you get lifetime access? If we ever add a preset (or two), tweak things, or make adjustments, you’ll be first to get the updates.

light blue square image.png

And just who am I?

Hey, guys! Jordan here,

and I’m a writer, blogger, and photographer. I’m a wife and momma on the daily, and dessert coffee? It’s my love language. I’m passionate about joyful marriages, encouraging words, and small plants.

I want to inspire people of the internet (and remember this wife + momma + entrepreneur thing), so I’ve usually got my camera nearby, and when I don’t, you can find me nerding out on some marketing psychology and hacking away to make digital photos look like film.

If you only remember one thing about me, I want it to be this: You are so loved.

Oh, well, make that two things—I also don't want you trapped behind your computer when you could punch out AH-mazing photos and get back to real life in no time (and without the headache... literally).  

Let’s get your shutterbug tendencies back to the creative craft that you love, because as much as you love to blog, if you don’t have the photos, no one’s going to be clicking on your Pinterest posts!

Named a world renowned photographer by style me pretty

PLUS, you’ll also get instant access to:


intro to Lightroom tutorial

An under 3-minute video training module Intro to Lightroom, so even if you've only ever used Photoshop, you can see just how quick and simple it is to use Lr (and with these presets, we’ve done all the heavy-lifting for you!).


get to know your presets

My Brittley Presets trainings so you get the inside scoop on what each preset does and you can peek over my shoulder and get my secret go-to combos that I use all the time. Let's get those blue-green film colors, keeping skin tones on point, and make sure it all stays light and airy.


installation tutorials

A Step-by-Step Video training on installing the presets in your version of Lightroom so no matter what version of Lightroom you're using, you can get this installed asap.

We have installation tutorials for Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC and even the older version of Lightroom. That way you can start editing with these presets today.

How to know if the Brittley™ preset suite will work for you

  • + You’ve said “presets don’t work for me.” Believe me, been-there-done-that. I know what it’s like to know WHAT you want a photo to look like, and not be able to make it happen. The secret is being able to mix-and-match and do it quickly … without worrying someone’s going to raise their eyebrows and notice that your editing is off.

    + You’re a blogger, etsy shop owner, or crushing it in the wedding industry, but wouldn’t call yourself a professional photographer … unless you count having to constantly #nailit when it comes to your Instagram feed. Photos matter in your industry, and it’s time to kick this thing into gear … and start producing professionally-edited photos from the fancy-pants camera you bought

+ You’re a wedding or portrait photographer and obsessed with your job, except for the whole turn-around-time thing. You’d love a shortcut to getting those light and airy photos, so you can send the final photos off to a happy client … and start confidently submitting your work to high-end blogs and magazines. Plus, you’d even knock out those blog posts (you know, the ones making you avoid your computer like the plague) in record time.

+ You’ve been editing in Photoshop, and know you should probably make the switch to Lightroom, but are terrified to make the leap: You don’t have time to have a YouTube binge fest - you need someone to show you the ropes and give you an editing life that feels like a trip to the spa.

blue background.jpg

What they're saying


about the Brittley™ preset suite



so how does this thing work?



Track down your lavender essential oil and diffuser: Just as soon as you purchase the presets, you’ll get an email from me with instant access to your Brittley™ Preset Suite.


Kick open Lightroom and follow the step-by-step Installation Guide to plug in your 19 mix-and-match presets, the 2 signature Brittley 1-click presets, and bring in all those pretty photos you’ve culled: it’s time to edit!


Fast forward, and call it an editing sesh faster than you ever have before—pull those fresh, film-inspired images over to your blog, Instagram feed, and more … and now go shut down your computer and hang out with your people!


What's the investment?


Well, you could edit from scratch every time...

... Spending hours dragging your sliders back and forth to get that consistently-dreamboat look you want, logging hours in some random photographer’s YouTube channel to learn how to DIY this thing, fiddling with the HSL sliders (even though we both know you need more than HSL for looks-like-film greens) or you could get the Brittley Preset Suite and be 100% confident that your coloring is on point and you could do it fast.


Because maybe there's a better way to do this #creativeentrepreneur thing.

Grab a film-inspired look with my formulas and the go-to presets I’ve honed as a Style Me Pretty world-renowned photographer, so you can get your photos edited and looking good for #alltheplaces online. Oh my... you'd finally be able to find the time to blog. Get those photos handed back to your clients, have time to go on a walk and get back to marketing your work … you know, that thing that actually helps bring you income.

Your investment in the Brittley™ Preset Suite: $197

What others have asked

before purchasing the brittley™ preset suite


What type of camera do I need to have??

How does “all you need is a RAW image” sound? (wink) If you can commit to pulling those high-res raw images from your Canon, Nikon, Sony, or ANY OTHERS into Lightroom, I’ll hand over the easy-peasy presets ready for you to use.

You don't have to shoot in RAW for these presets to do their thing, but RAW definitely takes these to the next level.

Wait. Can you REALLY apply multiple presets?

YES, you really can mix and match the 19 presets from the 8 different groups to build a look you love … and a look that’s 100% original to YOU, because I don’t want anyone looking at your work thinking you’re a spin-off of me  (or anyone else for that matter!).

Or take one of my signature 1-click Brittley presets and combine it with a bit of grain or a different saturation preset — make these presets your own!

What if I’m a blogger or creative?

Well welcome there, friend! I'm a blogger, too. I totally get that even with the best content, if you don't have those drool-worthy photos, your blog will get buried in a sea of pins. Let's take back your blog and make it easier than ever to edit like a pro. Because —truth time —you totally are.

Okay, but I’m just a mom with a camera. Is this for me?

Oh my goodness, yeah! I love taking personal photos of my little ones … and confession: I even edit them now (it’s true, they used to sit on my computer for MONTHS) because these presets make it so stinkin' simple. Just make sure you're shooting in RAW format, and you’re good to go!

Is this just for wedding photographers?

While that’s my sweet spot, I created this tool for photographers of all industries. Yes, you’ll see some wedding images inside my tutorials because if you can edit wedding photos - you can edit anything!

My team has used these presets for years, allowing us to to edit an entire wedding gallery in just a couple hours.

But we’ve had scores of bloggers, portrait photographers, family photographers, and real estate photographers purchase the Brittley Preset Suite, and see big changes in their photos as well. My goal if you’re a photographer? I want you to be confident about your photos whether you’re sending them to the editor of a blog/magazine, the rest of the vendor team, or your client

Do you have a Photoshop set? Will you ever?

Well … no. And no. Here’s the thing: Photoshop is a good, good tool, but when it comes to quickly editing your images, you won’t find anything faster than Lightroom. Photoshop is amazing and that's why it's where we all start when we're editing photos! I know how intimidating it is to learn a new program, but I'm so convinced you’ll love it that I created a tutorial just for you that you’ll get with the #brittleypresets!

How long do I get access?

How’s lifetime sound for ya? (wink) It’s all yours once you’re inside, and you can pull up the tutorial and walkthrough videos whenever you need a boost or a refresher. Curl up with a cup of coffee (or Earl Grey Tea or Iced mocha, if you’re me!), turn on your diffuser with your favorite essential oil, and get ready to rock your edits.

Do you offer refunds?

Because this is a digital download, we don't offer refunds. However, I certainly understand the fear in buying something you can’t fully experience before purchase. If you'd like to see what your images would look like with these presets, email our team a single RAW image and we will show you a few different ways you could edit the image with the Brittley Presets: Just make sure you're sending over a RAW image. 

Click here to read our terms and conditions and note our refund policy.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

I would love to chat with you, and make sure this is the right fit! Email me at with questions!


refund policy

Because this is a digital download, we don't offer refunds. However, I certainly understand the fear in buying something you can’t fully experience before purchase. If you'd like to see what your images would look like with these presets, email our team a single RAW image and we will show you how you could edit your photo with the Brittley Presets:

Just make sure you're sending over a RAW image.  Click here to read our terms and conditions and note our refund policy.

blue square image.png

Your investment in the Brittley Preset Suite

One-time Payment of $197

Jordan, let's do this:


I'd like my time back, please-and-thank-you.