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Stand out on social media

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Elevate your Brand


Build trust with customers

“Built my brand”

I used to spend hours editing photos for my brand. Your presets save me time and give me a consistent pro look. Now I’m so confident about my content.

These presets built my blog and Instagram into what is today!


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Start editing professional photos

The Brittley™ Preset Suite simplifies photo editing. Simply click a Brittley™ Pro Preset to add an instant edit to your photo. Fine-tune your brightness and warmth by simply clicking a button.

Use these presets inside Lightroom to edit professional images that grab attention.

“I’m so proud!”

I was at a point with my photos where I felt like giving up. I didn’t know what to do. Now, I get professional edits every time.

— Katie

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Professional Editing Process

Simplified + Organized Lightroom Editing

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Step 1

Click a Brittley™ Pro preset

Step 2

Click a Brittley™ Adjustment

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Step 3

Move your business forward


The editing tools

Imagine what it would look like to share a photo online and be confident that it was up to par with your creative brand. You could finally stop second-guessing your marketing.

Elevate your brand and build your influence.


pro preset

Brittley™ Pro Preset

Click Brittley™ Pro to edit your photo. Use it on any photo you take.

Pro tip: Get your clean color and creamy skin tones with Brittley™ Pro.

pro preset

Brittley™ Fuji Preset

Click Brittley™ Fuji to edit your photo. Use it on any photo you take. It softens greens for simplified color.

Pro tip: Click this preset and overlay text or a text box for your next blog post image.


pro preset

Brittley™ Portra Preset

Click Brittley™ Portra to edit your photo. Use it on any photo you take. It adds a depth of color to grab attention.

Pro tip: Click this preset and stand out online with vibrant color.

pro adjustments

Brittley™ Adjustment Presets

Professional adjustments with a click.

Simply click the professional adjustment you need: brightness, recovery, contrast, skin tones, color grading, film finishes and grain.

Add an adjustment to fix part of an image or create your own pro look.

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1,000 +

Brittley™ Preset Suite Customers

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20,000 +

Jordan Brittley email list friends

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1,000,000 +

Professional photo edits with BPS

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Quickstart Video Lessons

You’ll learn what preset to use and when to use it. Simple step-by-step installation tutorial so you can import these presets in Lightroom and start right away.

BPS Membership Area

Instant access to the BPS quickstart lessons and complete Brittley™ Preset Suite.

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Bonus #1

10 Second Edit Bootcamp

You’ll get pro editing tips delivered to your inbox for 10 days.

Each tip is designed to speed up your editing time so you can master the 10 second edit.

Bonus #2

2 of my unedited photos

I’m handing over 2 of my unedited images for you to download and edit.

Watch me edit each photo inside the membership area and be confident you’re doing this editing thing the professional way.


Nix bad color forever

  • 3 Brittley™ Pro Presets

  • 18 Brittley™ Adjustment Presets

  • Quickstart lessons

  • Membership Area

  • 10 second edit bootcamp

  • 2 of my unedited photos

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Professional editing Lightroom Presets.gif

Lightroom Presets

Brittley™ Preset Suite

+ Plus the 10 second edit bootcamp
+ Plus 2 of my unedited photos


What you save…

Film costs: $300-$1200 per shoot

Time in Lightroom: Priceless

Lost sales: Unknown


30 Day Guarantee: Customized preset strategy

Get stuck on an edit? Email my team and we'll create a customized preset strategy for you. We'll tell you exactly what presets to use to get the look you want.

*Complimentary preset strategy available for 30 days after purchase

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“My prices doubled”

“After investing in the Brittley™ Preset Suite, I was so confident about my photos. I nearly doubled my prices.”


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 Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do I need a better camera for this?

Not at all. The camera you have right now will work just fine. I'll send over my camera reccommendations for each stage of business after you purchase.

+ What kind of camera do I need?

The Brittley™ Preset Suite was built for photos taken with your DSLR. Want to go the extra mile for a professional image? Switch your camera over to raw. Camera you need: professional DSLR camera. After you purchase, I’ll send you the cameras I recommend.

+ What program do I need for this?

Lightroom. You can either update the Lightroom you already own or get an adobe membership so you can install it. I recommend Adobe Lightroom Classic CC but any version will work.

+ What if I don't know how to use Lightroom?

I've got a quickstart video on Lightroom and after going through the preset tutorials, you'll know how to apply a preset for your professional edit, make adjustments to fine-tune your image and sync your images. Pro tip: syncing is a timesaver. I'll show you how to copy and paste your edit from one photo to the next. Hello, batch editing.

+ Do you have light and airy presets? Looks like film presets?

I sure do and you’re looking at them! The Brittley™ Preset Suite was formerly called the Light and Airy Preset Suite. Same presets (with amazing updates along the way) and a new name.

+ Can you help me install these?

We sure can. Purchase the Preset Suite and email us letting us know that you'd like to purchase expert install for $47. Someone from my team will walk you through each step of the process in a skype call.

+ Can I really edit a photo in 10 seconds?

Yes you can. Click a Brittley™ Pro Preset, click any Brittley™ Adjustment Presets you need and fine-tune your brightness and warmth for your image. Once you complete the 10 second edit bootcamp, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the 10 second edit.

+ How can I apply multiple presets to one image?

Simply click a Brittley™ Pro Preset — that’d be Brittley Pro, Brittley Fuji or Brittley Portra — and the Brittley™ Adjustment Presets. There are 7 groups inside the Brittley™ Adjustment Presets and you can add 1 preset from each group to the Brittley™ Pro presets: Saturation, Film Finishes, Skin Tones, Brightness, Recover, Contrast, and Grain.


indoor light

Photo Recipe

1. Click the Brittley™ Pro preset
2. Click the Overhead Light adjustment preset
3. Tweak the exposure if needed

Jordan Brittley Preset Suite — head shot.png

Hi there! I’m Jordan.

Creator of the Brittley™ Preset Suite

Formerly a wedding photographer, I now help creatives take and edit photos that elevate their brand.

I believe the world needs who you were made to be.

“Gave me my confidence”

“I was struggling and didn’t know how to get where I wanted to go. After using the Brittley™ Preset Suite, I can see the potential that was there all along!”

— Emily


Never wonder if your photos are pro enough again.

Professional photo editing Lightroom Presets — 2.jpg

I know what it’s like to second-guess the photos you’re putting online.

It was my dream to get published.

The first time I ever submitted my photos to the biggest wedding blog, they rejected the submission.

And the second time.

And the third.

But it was my dream.

I couldn’t give up so I kept fiddling with the 100+ sliders in Lightroom trying to find the perfect slider combination.

All while learning to take better photos in-camera, too.

They finally said yes!

Jordan Brittley featured in Martha Stewart, Style Me Pretty, Brides & Belong.jpg
Professional photo editing Lightroom Presets — 1.jpg

“World renowned Photographer”

— Style Me Pretty

BRIDES Magazine found my work and reached out to see if they could feature it.

Martha Stewart Weddings did, too. 8 different times.

And that wedding blog I wanted to be featured on so badly?

They ended up naming me a world renowned photographer.

If I could go back and tell myself something, I’d say…

Don’t wait for someone else’s permission to take your business to the next level. You were made for this.

You don’t need permission
to do the thing
you were made to do.

“Best purchase”

“The Brittley™ Preset Suite is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Thank you for creating these. I’m so glad I invested in them!”

— Kinzie


Transform your photos

elevate your brand

  • Stop second-guessing your photos

  • Simple pro editing

  • Elevate your brand

  • Capture more leads

  • Confidently share your photos

  • Nix decision fatigue

  • Know what preset to click inside the organized system

  • 10 Second Edit Bootcamp

  • Cut the Lightroom overwhelm

  • Stop wasting your time with 100+ Lightroom sliders

  • Master the 10 second edit

  • Create space to be active by spending less time editing

  • Build your own look by adding Brittley™ adjustment presets

Plus, the presets implement zero-waste technology and are environmentally friendly.


Brittley™ Preset Suite’s Creators on the Rise

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 You’ll never have to edit from scratch again

Imagine how it would feel to click a preset from a proven editing system, add an adjustment if you need to and share your photos.

You’ll never have to edit from scratch again.

Click below to checkout and you can start editing professional photos today.

Nerd talk: The Brittley™ Preset Suite blends color theory and color psychology into simple, clickable presets.