My recent investment and how it's changing my business

It all started when a couple of friends visited me back in February (I'm looking at you Megan and Meredith!)! We were talking about getting published and I was using Megan's computer. When I pulled up my blog, the images looked... bad. They were pixelated and it looked like everything was blurry. Now, to clarify, the original images looked amazing. It was just the photos on the blog (which had been resized for the web). I pulled up my blog on my own computer and the images looked great. So I decided that it must be our (super slow) internet. But I have since learned that wasn't the case! Friends, up to that point, I had not been sizing my images for retina display and it was creating an issue for anyone who was browsing my blog with that type of display. What's retina display? To put it as simply as possible, it's Apple's way of saying that there are a lot of pixels being displayed at the same time. Retina display is a term coined by Apple (source) but you can even get a PC with this kind of pixel density! So a couple of weeks ago, I purchased an iMac for our team! I knew that Jenna needed something more crisp for editing and I had been wanting to transition to a desktop computer for a few years! Well, the time is now!

The computer: 27 inch iMac with Retina Display

My Most Recent Investment that's Changing my Business - The Jordan Brittley Blog

What I love about it


I debated between the 21.5 inch and the 27 inch for a long time (like my drive to the store) and then Best Buy only had the 27 inch. Since I like to just get things done, I decided that I would just go with the bigger monitor and "take one for the team." I honestly didn't think I would like the big screen. Friends, I was wrong.


This machine is fast. I debated between the 3.3 GHz and the 3.5GHz but because I am not editing video all day every day, I decided to purchase the 3.3 GHz machine.Exporting is quicker with Lightroom and Final Cut Pro. I can even import cards quicker than I can with my 15 inch MacBook Pro!


The difference between the 27 iMac and the 27 iMac with Retina Display is 11 MILLION pixels. Even if you don't work with pixels for a living, you know that that is a lot of pixels! If you want to compare the models, click here and do the math!


I edit 3-4 videos each month and I love using my Beats Pro for fine tuning. However, the audio capabilities of this iMac allow me to go headphone-free until I am mastering the audio. Isaac and I also love marathoning something on Netflix while I wrap up work for the day. I work on half the screen and we watch something on the other half!

Advantages of the 27 inch iMac with Retina Display - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Advantages for my business

Better viewing sessions

I just hosted my first ever viewing session for one of the PRETTY seniors! I brought the iMac into the living room and let the slideshow play. It was so nice to be able to display the photos on a great screen with accurate coloring!

Quicker culling

I can now cull without having to zoom in! That alone cut out 30 minutes of cull time from this last wedding. I am able to see everything that I need to see because of the size and the amount of pixels that are being displayed.

More efficient editing

Because Jenna will be able to see everything clearly, I really think this is going to cut down her editing time. I know that it has improved my editing speed in the sneak peeks that I have done while on the iMac! If the coloring is slightly off, I can see it clearly and without much effort on my part!

If you're interested in purchasing an iMac with retina display, I would encourage you to read this article!

So is the iMac with retina display right for you? If you're working with images for a living (photographer, videographer, graphic designer, blogger), then I would definitely consider the purchase assuming the finances line up. Whether you own the computer or not, you definitely need to make sure that any images you share are going to display well on retina! I think this kind of display is here to stay.

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