4 steps for simple and successful marketing

The plane hovered over the coast of Maine and I stared down at the deep blue water. It looked like pieces of ice decorated the shallower parts of the sea and I wanted to freeze that moment. If ever there was a time to have a drone, it would be for the coast of Maine.

A week ago, I stood in front of a brilliant group of photographers from Maine and talked about marketing. It can feel so mysterious inside the creative industry, but it doesn't have to!

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Sometimes it feels like you shouldn't even need to market your work. Shouldn't your work be able to speak for itself? If your work is good enough, shouldn't the work just come to you?

Oh, wouldn't that be a dream?! But the truth is that no matter how great the product or service is, we have to market our work.

So what is marketing, exactly? Entrepreneur describes marketing as pushing your product or service at a potential customer. This means that your product or service needs to not only be visible to potential customers, but you have to find a way to pull them in and let them connect with you before they make a purchase!

Step-by-step approach to simple and successful marketing


The idea of choosing a target market always seemed so daunting to me. It felt so risky to narrow my market (or audience) to a specific group and then solely market to that group. What if I lost business?

That's definitely a possibility, but if you do it right, you will have the right customers. You'll have your dream clients time and time again!

My target client: A bride in the midwest who is completely inspired by garden weddings. She loves details, but she's even more passionate about her people. 

Marketing 101 - business tips for creative entrepreneurs


Imagine a large group of people standing outside your store. Each person is trying to gain a new vantage point so they can see inside. Give them one reason.

Give them one reason to step inside your store.

Window shopper can look like people who discover you on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and the social media list goes on. A window shopper looks like a first-time blog visitor.

Give your window shoppers one single reason to step inside. That may look like free content, inspiration for their daily life (like on Instagram), or even an ad in a magazine.

A smart marketer doesn’t wait for opportunities to come to them. They go out and put their shop in front of potential buyers on the regular.


You don’t need to build any trust to get people to stand in front of your window. But you need to build trust to get them to come in your store and buy something. What is it that you're promising? 

The first time I walked up to Anthropologie, it didn't take me long to decide that I was definitely going inside that store. From the window, they were promising a well-decorated home and inspiration for how to style my kitchen. 

What is your "why"? Simon Sinek has a great talk on why your "Why" is important. 

I purchased something from Anthropologie the first day I walked in their store because they made good on their promise. 


Daniel loves saying "Wow! Wow! Wow!" right now and it's a great example of how I want my clients to feel when they work with me.

I want them to say, "Wow! Jordan rocked our family photos. It was so simple and stress-free." Okay, okay. So maybe no one would say those exact words, but you get the idea!

A great experience inspires your clients to tell every single friend about you.
— Jordan Brittley

A great experience surprises someone.

A great experience serves someone in a way they didn't expect.

A great experience says, "I value you more than getting the sale."

A great experience inspires your clients to tell every single friend about you. Like how I told you about Anthropologie. 


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How do you take your dream client from window shopper to raving client? What's one small, simple thing you can do to create a Wow experience? It doesn't have to be grand or cost a lot of money. It can be as simple as blogging every client or wrapping your product with a little attention to detail.