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4 Light & Airy secrets for Lightroom

You open Lightroom for another editing session, bound and determined to make the editing process feel like a trip to the spa.

You and I both want those Light & Airy images, and sure, sometimes you’ll have to deal with editing tricky images, but having a bit of a formula definitely wouldn’t hurt. We took our must-happen-to-every-image edits and put them in a free preset just for you, so if you don’t have that freebie yet, now’s a good time to click, download, install, and come back to this post so you can learn just a bit more about LR secrets that will give your image just a bit of a boost.

Open Lightroom and let’s chat about four areas you won’t necessarily use on every image, but when the time is right, these secrets add that extra somethin’-somethin’ to your photo.

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Never do this to your Lightroom presets

If you do a quick Google search, you might see a tutorial that involves just opening the Develop module (located in the top right menu in Lightroom), locating the presets section and right clicking on User Presets —> Import...

Never do this when importing presets into Lightroom. We've gotta keep Lightroom easy for you to use…

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How to use the Light & Airy Fuji Modern Preset

Hey, hey! Curious about the Fuji Modern preset tucked away inside the Light & Airy Preset Suite? Got you covered, friend.

And psssst - can I put a bug in your ear? This Friday is my first day back to work! Maternity leave is wrapping up and I have never felt more excited or focused or inspired in this creative biz. Cannot say enough things about taking maternity leave and just carving out time to go "offline" in your creative business each year.

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8 editing tips from my photo editor

Jenna offered to run to the Bean and get us some coffee to finish the work day. I happily sent her on her way and I grabbed a seat at our dining room table. It all feels a little like a dream these days.

Jenna has been editing weddings for us for almost 3 years and it has changed our whole business. After a wedding, I load the images, back up the images, cull the images, and...

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