26 things you’d never know about Jordan

Isaac here and it's time to celebrate! Happy birthday, Jordan!

One of the truly great blessings in my life is being married to Jordan. I am in awe day by day that God put us together as husband and wife. It's beyond my ability to describe how incredible she is and how much I love living with her. 

Heres a little sneak peek into what living with Jordan is like. I picked 26 things because it's her 26th birthday, but I'll be happy to go on and on some other time. 


1. Jordan studies the Bible like most people drink water. It's remarkable to watch someone come alive like she does when she's reading God's word.

2. Jordan is the most efficient person I have ever been around. She can get more done in 5 minutes than I can in 30. Not an exaggeration. 

3. Jordan is a dreamer. She has a big future plan for everything. I love listening to Jordan telling me her dreams for this part of our house or that part of our yard. 

4. Jordan likes to rearrange furniture. By herself. Sofas, huge mirrors, tables, mattresses...I've come home from work before and all of that had been in a different place. I still don't know how she moved some of it without help. This woman is tough. 


5. She plays crazy games with Daniel. To the point that he volunteered to us last week that "Momma say ROAR!" (Complete with a hand gesture) 

6. There's nothing she won't do for Daniel. Over and over again I've watched her have an exhausting day and then sit down for less than five minutes before she's up chasing him around again.

7. She likes to have her hair played with. 

8. She has a garden of small plants on the kitchen table. 


9. She has a hat collection on her night-stand. 

10. She sleeps with worship music playing. 

11. She has a gift of being able to make the house feel clean and inviting even when Daniel is being a good toddler and turning the whole house into a play-room. 

12. Pretty much all of her decorating decisions boil down to how it would look to take a photo in the space. 


13. She has the driest sense of humor I've ever been around. Along those lines: 

14. She can deadpan a joke like I've never heard. 

15. She prays like someone who knows God personally, like someone knows their best friend. 

16. She's a GREAT listener. 

17. When I talk to her about a problem I'm having, she can, in just minutes, lovingly identify the root cause AND still keep listening.


18. She has wisdom about things she's never studied.  I have a lot of stories about this, but suffice to say that whether it's chemistry, philosophy, theology, or whatever else, I've more than once spent hours trying to solve a problem, given up, come home, offered her a three minute explanation of the issue, and had the right answer from her in one minute or less.

19. She has a laugh that lights up a room. 

20. She is an unbelievably loving mom. You've never seen a kid feel as loved as Daniel does around Jordan. 

21. She learns about God from the world around her. Her garden. The way light fills up a photograph. I'm sure you've seen that on Instagram, but if not, now you know. 

22. She likes to stay up super late. We're past the days of 4:30 am, but if we can binge a show together until the wee hours of the morning, she's having a blast! 


23. She's outside if it's at all possible. 

24. She loves any kind of jacket, cardigan, hoodie, etc. She has a collection. 

25. She has more joy and peace than I knew you could have. 

26. She has the purest heart of anyone I've ever known. That doesn't really belong on a list of things you would ONLY know if you lived with Jordan, because I've had people who were virtual strangers come up to me and tell me that, but I just couldn't write this list without telling you! 


I love you, Jordan. Happy Birthday! 


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