Your first 3 steps to becoming an editing ninja

Early on, there was a period of time when I thought being a great business owner meant spending a lot of time editing my images.

So glad that's not true! [Insert double high-fives]

No matter what creative business you have, there's no reason to spend all that time in front of your computer trying to get it just right! Here are 3 things that will kickstart your editing ninja life!

Your first 3 steps to becoming an editing ninja_2.jpg

1) Create a color profile

Think about this like an inspiration board for your editing! You can use your favorite images and then compare the color, contrast, and exposure to make sure everything is consistent.

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2) Watch our introduction to Lightroom

It's easier and faster than ever to edit with Lightroom! Here's an introduction just for you.

3) Edit with the Light & Airy Preset Suite

My very favorite way to speed up our editing is by using the Light & Airy Preset Suite for a 10 second edit!

It's taking everything in my not to hit the "caps lock" button and insert a thousand exclamation points! The Light & Airy Preset Suite is officially live and it's already changing so many businesses. Go see for yourself! 

I used my background in Computer Science and Math to reinvent the way we think about presets. Use the suite to mix and match different presets and create a look that fits your photographic voice!

Your first 3 steps to becoming an editing ninja.jpg

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So click right here and go see what it's all about!! This preset suite is flying off the preverbal shelves! So I'm going to go grab Daniel and celebrate with a dance party in the kitchen! See you on insta: #lightandairypresets!