My Black Friday finds + gifts for entrepreneurs

Hello, Black Friday!

The Christmas tree went up today and my only regret was not putting it up sooner. I may or may not turn on the Christmas music right after Halloween. Who could say?

I’m taking a few days off for Thanksgiving, so no Black Friday sale over here but you can expect our biggest sale of the year in December. Our very first annual JB sale is just around the corner!

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If you’re an entrepreneur or you know an entrepreneur, these are my favorite finds for black friday sales and gifts for entrepreneurs.

black friday finds and entrepreneur gifts

for your Home

Roomba — I never knew I wanted a robot to vacuum my floors until my mother-in-law + father-in-law gifted this to us a couple of years ago. We pick up our living room, turn on the roomba and go play in Hannah’s room or go for a drive.

Kindle — I prefer the kindle to an actual book because I cannot stand the sound or texture of paper. Haha! It’s crazy, I know. If you’re an e-reader like me, I love the Paperwhite.

Kettle for your pour-overs or tea — This is the fanciest schmanciest kettle I’ve ever seen and if you go with the more expensive version, you get an app. And you can tell your kettle to turn on on your way home. I don’t own this, but I think it would make an amazing gift for coffee + tea drinkers.



GoPro (latest version) — I have never met a GoPro I raved about until I bought this one in early November. I’m going to be doing a YouTube video on how to use this in business and in normal everyday life, too. Hands-down recommend. No Black Friday sale, but its worth it in my opinion.

DSLR memory card — I trust this brand and this speed is a must for me whether I’m shooting photos or videos. If you take a bunch of photos and your camera “stalls” or is just flashing red while it processes all of the images, this card might fix that.

DSLR (huge) memory card — This card has 256 GB of storage and will have you covered if you don’t like swapping out cards throughout the day. Super fast speed, too.

*Sandisk extreme pro is the brand I trust for my memory cards

Beats Pro — If you’re an audio nerd or if you need to become one because you’re editing audio for your YouTube videos, these headphones are the ones I use when I’m in Premiere. They’re pricey, but you can hear everything. If you just want beats but don’t need them for professional reasons, you could save some money and get these (they aren’t wireless, so search for that if you want to go wireless).



Get the JOY mug — I’ve been eyeing this mug for a while and I love everything she makes!

Desk speaker — I’m a bit of an audio nerd and I love this brand. I want the sound bar for our home so we can crank the music during all of our kitchen dance parties. I have this speaker sitting right next to my desk and the sound is great. I only boost my speakers (computers, phone, car, office speaker, etc) to 70-85% so I don’t damage the system. This office speaker puts out so much sound that I hardly ever turn it up to 50%. Huge thanks to my uncle for recommending this brand years ago.


Learn & Build

Kickstart your pinterest for 2019 — I have been meaning to get to Pinterest for a year. A year. I love reading her blog and learning about Pinterest and she’s giving 30% off her tailwind course (a tool you can use for Pinterest) for Black Friday. Learn more here.

Get legal in your business — I have used Christina’s contracts for everything and she has a major Black Friday sale going. If you’re looking for GDPR training, contracts for clients and terms and conditions for your site.

Do your brand like you mean it — Or really I mean that you could hire my all-time favorite designer to handle your branding for you. If you want to step up your brand in 2019 or 2020, now’s the time to contact her. Not a Black Friday sale or anything, but I had to mention her.

Get a website template — I don’t use Showit, but I have a friend who does and she’s created a brilliant lineup of website templates for creatives. If you know you want to use the Showit platform, grab one of Megan’s templates and customize it to make it look like Y-O-U. You’ll have a professional site up that looks like the pro you are. How easy is it to customize? You’ve just got to drag, drop and repeat. Do you have to know code? Nope!

Book a portrait session in Missouri with one of my favorite photogs — I can’t wait to have Laura do our family photos one year! She lives in Florida, but travels back to Kansas City all the time. She’s having a black friday sale on her portrait sessions, so go book one and I’ll just gush over your family photos!


I’ve never done a black friday + entrepreneur gift idea post before, but it was fun! You’ll have to tell me what you think. If I had an affiliate link to one of the products I mentioned, I used my affiliate link and I’ll receive some commission if you purchase with an affiliate link.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

I can’t wait to record + share the next YouTube video with you.

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