Light & Airy Preset Suite is now the Brittley Preset Suite!

Ahh! I can't believe today is finally here! The Light & Airy Presets are getting a name change!

That feels big to say!

I didn't make this decision lightly! After putting these presets out into the world a year and a half ago, I'm a bit attached to the name of the Light & Airy Presets.

You too? Well then, I have a story for you...

In late 2016, I was getting these presets ready for the world and really wanted to name them Light & Airy or something to do with my name.

Business wise, I could go with my name and be safe.

But I didn't want other photographers to have to credit me when they were sharing their work.

I was still shooting weddings at the time and as much as I love #communityovercompetition, competition is still a real thing.

I wanted to make sure the name wouldn't distract your potential customers. Here's how it went...

Light and airy has a nice ring to it...

And I already have a ton of blog posts around making photos bright and airy...

(Remember, this was way back in 2016.)

So I did a quick google search and there were no other presets called light and airy!!


I had the name!

Over the last couple of years, the term light and airy has exploded.

And during that time, my blog post My process for Light & Airy photos went viral in the creative world. Hundreds of thousands of people have read that post! 


So I would keep the name Light & Airy Presets.

I'm more attached to the name than butter is to bread.


But I've found something better and it's call jam. 😂

In a world of butter, I want to create the strawberry jam. 

After all, I'm dairy free.

These presets...

  • + are light, bright and airy

  • + look like film

  • + include our mix-and-match presets

  • + include our 2 signature presets

  • + are so easy to use

  • + can be used by small business owners, high-end wedding photogs, senior photogs, portrait photogs and mommas!

  • + are user friendly so you can use them straight out of the "box"

  • + are built on math <— putting that degree to work!

  • + come with a membership site full of tutorials to get you started

So they deserve a unique name and now that I'm not shooting weddings anymore, it's time to change things up!

Any guesses?! Keep reading... 

light and airy presets — brittley presets for lightroom

"Jordan, you changed my business!! I'm crying right now because I'm actually booking clients!!"

"These presets are game changers! I wish they had been around when I first started shooting film a few years ago. Thank you, Jordan!!!"

"I've been trying to get this look for year but something was always off and not right. Your presets are getting the EXACT light and airy look I've had in my head for literally 3 years."

Those are actual blurbs from my inbox.

So are you ready for the new name?! 

Drum roll...

The Light & Airy Presets are now the Brittley Presets!

Did you guess it?! 

I'll be updating all of the tutorials on our membership site and changing all of verbiage on the blog and website!

Will I still teach on light and airy aka bright and airy photography?

Umm... of course!!

The only thing... the only thing that is changing is the name!

I give you the Brittley Presets!!

Click play on the video below to see them in action!

Oh, and I'm officially starting my youtube channel!

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If you have the presets, share the video below with your creative friends!

If you don't have the presets, I hope to see you busting out the new #brittleypresets hashtag soon!

#brittleypresets are here.


want to try before you buy?

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Introducing the Brittley Presets

Inside the presets, you have 2 different pieces: the 10 second editing system and the 2 signature presets.

Mix-and-match presets to build your own look

The 10 second editing system is where I keep the mix-and-match presets. Inside this system, you get upgraded from the free basic preset to the PRO preset. The pro preset has grab-and-go color grading built straight in, tone curves, specialized noise reduction and I'll protect the highlights, shadows, whites and blacks in your image so that you can make adjustments to tricky images quickly.

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but this system is incredible!

Inside the 10 second editing system, you have access to fine-tuned, pro saturation presets so that you can get looks-like-film greens, get a clean edit from mixed lighting, and apply a sunset preset to make sure the sunny-yellow color doesn't take over your image, but still has a chance to shine.

Pun intended or no? Haha!

looks-like-film with one click

You know I love that film look!

Those greens. Those reds. All the film color is perfection.

And after years and years of shooting film and learning exactly how it works, I've built 2 signature Brittley presets to look like film straight away — whether you're a hybrid photographer or 100% digital photog.

Just click one of the signature 1-click Brittley presets and adjust the temp + tint and exposure (if you need to) and you'll be all set!

The exact same light and airy presets, but with a new name!

So these bright and airy presets?! They've grown a lot over the last year and a half!

I used to say "film-inspired" because I couldn't get my digital to look like film without a lot of adjusting and tweaking.

Now I can say that they look like film!

The only thing that would take you over the top is to upgrade your lens and spend 5-10k to get an even better bokeh than you get with the high-end lenses within different camera models.

Definitely on my wish list but it's not a must! I mean... look at this!

light and airy presets by jordan brittley

Make digital look like film in seconds.

Build your own look with mix-and-match presets.

Save tricky images by bumping up the shadows. (No, seriously. That's all you have to do. We "coded" the presets to handle all the nitty gritty things for you!)

User friendly presets so you can get going right out of the gate.

I could go on and on about these presets.

In fact, I do right here on the Brittley Presets page! If you don't have these looks-like-film, creamy skin tones presets — perfect touch of grain included — click here and make it happen today.

I can't wait to see you inside the membership area!!

Membership area for our Brittley Presets Fam!

Once you get the presets, I've got tutorials and trainings to take you from straight out of camera to ready-for-Instagram!

I'll give you an intro to Lightroom, show you which version of Lightroom to use — Lightroom has THREE versions now — and show you how to get your presets inside each Lightroom.

I'll be updating the tutorials to switch up my language from Light & Airy to Brittley!

And I know, I know — I just recorded the new tutorials in July. So I could have just waited one month and saved some time on my end.

But it wasn't worth it to me! I wanted to get you the most updated info on Lightroom and the updated light and airy presets asap.

And by "Light and Airy Presets," I mean Brittley Presets!

The Light and Airy Presets are now the.... Brittley Presets!!

Hold on while I go host a dance party in my kitchen with my fam.

What about mobile presets?

"Jordan, do you have mobile/phone presets yet?!"


Brittley mobile (aka edit phone pics on your phone!!) presets are finalized and the installation process is being tidied up so that it's easy peasy even if you've never opened Lightroom before.

Oh, and did I mention that you don't have to pay for Lightroom to install the mobile phone presets? It's true. 😍

Oh, and you can do it all on your phone!

No tech. Just install and edit all your phone pictures in a flash with the Brittley mobile presets! Coming soon!!

Click the button below to get on the waitlist!

light and airy phone + mobile presets

Hooray! The light and airy presets are now the Brittley presets!

Happy August, friend! The Brittley Presets are here!

And I know I'll get this question a lot, so I want to be super clear: If you've purchased the Light & Airy Presets, you do not need to buy anything else — except, ya know... maybe the mobile presets — you have access to the new Brittley Presets in your membership area!

Click here to login!

light and airy presets are now brittley presets