Free Light and Airy Mobile Preset

Love the idea of making your everday photos from your phone look like they were edited by a pro photographer? Here’s how to DIY the editing…

Step 1: Download the free brittley mobile preset

I’ve created a free brittley mobile preset for you to use next time you edit a pic.

Which will probably be today.

It’s super easy to edit in the lightroom mobile app and just a tad addicting….

Step 2: Import your free brittley mobile preset

The preset will download as a photo.

  1. Open the free lightroom app

  2. Click the import button on the bottom right part of the screen

  3. Click “Import from camera roll”

  4. Select the free mobile preset you downloaded

  5. Click the checkmark

The preset will look blank when you download it and as weird as this sounds, that means you’re on the right track! Lightroom might say it can’t read the file. Click the checkmark anyway.

Ta-da! It’s in Lightroom.

You’ll use this process anytime you want to add photos to Lightroom, too!

Now that it’s in Lightroom, it’s time to save it so you can create your first edit.


Step 3: Save your free brittley mobile preset

  1. Open the free brittley mobile preset again

  2. Click the 3 little dots at the top right: “…”

  3. Name the preset “Brittley Free Preset”

  4. Click on “User Presets”

  5. Type in the name “Jordan Brittley Free Preset”

  6. Check all the boxes

  7. Tap the checkmark

Your preset is now saved in Lightroom! As long as it’s saved to your account, you’ll be able to access it from new devices — like when you buy a new phone!


Step 4: Locate your free brittley mobile preset

If you ever update your app, here’s where to find your free preset.

And… if you’re new to Lightroom, here’s where the free brittley mobile preset can be found.

  1. Import a photo and open it in Lightroom

  2. Scroll over to “presets” at the bottom

  3. Click “User Presets” at the top of the window that slides up
    *or click the name of whatever folder is open

  4. Tap “Jordan Brittley Free Preset”

You’ll see the Free Brittley Mobile Preset…


Step 5: Edit with your free brittley mobile preset

And last, here’s how to edit with that free mobile preset!

  1. Import and open a photo in Lightroom

  2. Scroll over and click “presets”

  3. Tap “Brittley Free Preset”

This free mobile preset will brighten your photo and lay the foundation for you to play around with sliders in Lightroom.


Brittley Mobile Presets

for your everyday adventures

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  4. Brittley Paris

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