The tools for your first IGTV episode

Let's talk about the tools you'll need to make your first (and 100th) IGTV episode!

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Let's talk about these tools, shall we? You don't need to whip out your DSLR or anything crazy for IGTV. The key to great, natural video on IGTV is (1) using your phone for the video and (2) making sure you're working with the right lav mic.

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Has anyone else ever been completely terrified of audio or is it just me? No need to fear this audio setup. I've got a link below for a lav mic and you only need to plug it into you phone's headphone jack to record your audio for IGTV.

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What could IGTV look like for you?

Imagine getting a question from a potential client and being able to pop on an IGTV episode to answer it for everyone. You could just reply with a link to your IGTV and that client is going to feel even more connected.

Imagine that you're selling on Etsy and you're able to share your BTS process to really make a deal out of your next launch.

Or you're in real estate and you give walkthroughs of homes on your IGTV.

You can use IGTV as part of your wedding launch or design launch strategy. You could recycle story content if you have some great content that needs to live on.

The possibilities are endless and even though I'm an early adopter, I think IGTV is going to be big. Time to get your content on IGTV!

The tools for your first IGTV episode

Tool 1: music

I love using Epidemic Sound for all of my instagram music. You won't have to worry about royalties and it's a monthly subscription so you can make as many episodes as you want!

Tool 2: video editing

I use Final Cut Pro for all of my episodes. It's so easy — just drag and drop your iphone videos into Final Cut, slap on some music, and share to your phone!

Tool 3: Record good audio

I use the Rode SmartLav and it does a great job! I haven't been mastering my audio — big video no-no, but who cares? I've got babes to snuggle and rules to break (apparently). You don't have to be a video master to create your first episode! Just plug in this mic to your phone and you'll be all set!

Tool 4: your phone

Don't worry about getting the latest and greatest phone for this. Use what you have and see where you go with IGTV. I just want to see your work out there and you don't have to have anything fancy for IGTV!

So what are the next steps for taking a great idea (using IGTV) and actually making it happen?


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Next steps for creating your first IGTV episode?

Step 1: Make an outline

Set the timer for 3 minutes and make a quick outline of everything you'll need for an IGTV episode

Step 2: Plug in your mic and get in front of the camera

Don't feel totally natural at first? Try a power pose — stand with your hands on your hips and make yourself take up as much space as possible. Give it another go!

Step 3: Pull those files into final cut and make your first episode!

Tag me in your first comment on your IGTV so I can check it out! I'd love to give it a like and be one of your first viewers!

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This is a happy day for us content creators because no matter what industry we're in, marketing our work through video just became one of the easiest, most accessible things of our time.

Comment below with a simple "I'm doing it!" if you're ready to give IGTV a try! Cheering you on as you build this business of yours, friend!