Isaac is joining the team for the summer!

Isaac has been working part-time as the missions pastor at our home church and part-time as a school teacher for two years now! It's crazy beautiful how much our lives have changed over the last 5 years.

In 2012, we moved to St Louis, I started my business officially, and Isaac started pursuing his doctorate in Biochemistry at Washington University. My man is smart. If you've had a conversation with him, it was probably obvious in the first minute. But then again, he's so good at loving others that he does a good job of not rubbing it in. They say that very intelligent people have a difficult time communicating with other people. But highly intelligent people can communicate with everyone. That's my Isaac. Love this man!


In the spring of 2013, God called Isaac into ministry. Specifically, God was calling Isaac to teach and preach. So we packed our bags and started pouring our hearts into a small church (50-80 people) in the rolling hills of Pleasant Hope, Missouri. Isaac actually grew up in Pleasant Hope and we fell in love with the people there. Isaac started seminary and also worked part-time as the missions coordinator at our home church.

In 2015, just before Daniel was born, the Lord was stirring Isaac's heart toward a Masters in Education and toward a part-time teaching position at Bolivar High School. We wondered what the Lord was doing because it was still so clear to us that Isaac has been called to preach. The Lord told me when I was a little girl that I would marry a pastor and about that same time, the Lord was apparently stirring Isaac's heart to preach. His Mom remembers Isaac telling him that he felt God telling him to be a pastor. Isn't that incredible?! God has been weaving this story together from the beginning!


For the last two years, Isaac's been working part-time as the missions pastor and part-time as a high school science teacher. One of the most beautiful things about this whole story is that even though Isaac hasn't been preaching every single week, the Lord is still using him to teach people about the love of God. We know that the Lord will continue this!

So what's the big adventure?

Last Sunday, on mother's day, Isaac resigned his position as the missions pastor in order to be full time at the high school. He'll be teaching Physical Science and Chemistry! Hello, health insurance! We're about to get started on this whole adult thing. 

Haha! I kid, I kid. If you've known the two of us since we were kids, you know that we were pretty much little grown-ups from the time we could talk. This is one wild ride and it's bringing so much joy!


Isaac's turned down two preaching positions in the last 6 months. They fell in love with Isaac through meetings and then even more-so when he came to preach. But we prayed about it and both felt the Lord leading us to stay in Bolivar. With much prayer, much peace, and much joy, Isaac took the job at the high school!

So where does that leave this whole preaching thing? Friend, the Lord is going to do what He said. If infertility has taught us anything, it's that God can do anything and that He has good, good plans. Even if that means waiting.


So for this next year, we wait! We wait on the Lord, poor our hearts into the students at BHS, the people we meet through this beautiful business, and we love the Lord the whole way! He's up to something and I kind of like that I don't know the end of the story!

Get this: one of our long-time dreams has been to work together. We often reminisce about our work dates before Daniel was born and we've always wanted to be on the same career team.

And that dream is happening!!

He’s up to something and I kind of like that I don’t know the end of the story!
— @JordanBrittley

Isaac is going to work alongside me in my business all summer long! He's currently researching how to create movement in an audience and everything on EMAIL! I so love writing our email friends and it's been such a challenge in the last couple months. This little business is exploding!! We have grown so much that we now need a virtual assistant, an office manager, and myself. And now Isaac!!


The truth is that Isaac has been part of this business from the beginning! I remember him driving me to shoots and then he started second-shooting. We've always brainstormed together and he has helped me make a lot of the big decisions!

It's always been a dream to work with my husband every day and now it's happening!! The best part is that we will both only be working 15-20 hours each week. I'm now convinced that being an entrepreneur is the best. If God wasn't calling Isaac to very specific things, we would be permanent business partners.

Also, so much more of this this summer...


I used to feel like my business owned me and like I had to put in 40-80+ hours a week to make it happen. When Daniel came along, I realized that I could do everything in 20-25 hours and I've been slowly scaling back those hours while scaling this whole business.

God is good and He has good gifts. I didn't think Isaac and I would ever really be able to work together like this. But God has made a beautiful, beautiful way in the middle of a season we totally didn't expect!


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I just want to tell you to go after your God-given dreams. It's worth it to jump in... to run full force off the diving board and plunge into the pool. It's worth it to follow Him whether things look promising or not. Circumstances are not a guide for which way we should go. Circumstances are just part of life.

He's speaking to you, friend. His heart is to speak to you. Get before Him and ask Him to open your ears and heart to hear Him. And don't stop asking.

The best is yet to come.


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