How to create cover photos for your business

I handed cover photos over to Jenna at the beginning of May and she's blowing my mind with her creativity! It's fun to see how she pairs the images together and honestly it's helped me with my submissions. She doesn't come to weddings or shoots so it's really fascinating to see the story unfold through her eyes!

We always try to create cover photos that tell a story, serve the couple, and compliment the vendors! We like to pair great photos of the invitation suite with other paper details or with the setting where it makes the most sense.

Creating these cover photos is just one way we can go above and beyond for our clients and the wedding team!

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If you want to create a facebook cover photo for your own business, here's how to do it in less than 10 minutes with BlogStomp.

Step 1

Open BlogStomp and select "Styles." Change the image width to 1200 and the border width and margin to 10.

Step 2

Click "Output" and change the filename to something that will be easier to find later on! This also comes in handy for SEO if you decide to use these photos online anywhere (minus facebook and instagram).

Step 3

Locate the images you want to use. We tend to do this at the very end of our workflow and it's easiest for us to download specific images we want to use from Pixieset.

Step 4

Load the images in BlogStomp by dragging the images from a folder on your computer and into the image file window (located on the left side of BlogStomp).

Step 5

Select 3-4 images you want to use together and click "Stomp It!"

I know, I know!! How can something like this possibly be this simple!? It's an easy thing to add to your workflow and it keeps your facebook page updated and looking friendly and inviting.

Speaking of facebook, if you're not in our #ASKJORDANBRITTLEY facebook group yet, come on over! Consider this your personal invitation to join a community that is really focused on building up others!

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