6 lessons we learned from Isaac's master's degree

Isaac started working on his master's in education a few months before Daniel was born. He is bivocational - working part-time as the Missions pastor at our church, and part-time as a science teacher! This man is so gifted and it's been so fun to celebrate this accomplishment (even if he would never say anything about it)!

He would work on homework after Daniel went to bed or between classes. He is such a hard worker, but he never lets his pursuits rule his life. I admire that so much about him! We are both so passionate about whatever we are doing and I have learned so much from him in the last year. He has taught me to let my work go unfinished because there will always be more to do tomorrow. He has taught me that sometimes you just need to get out of the house and go for a walk!

6 Lessons We Learned from Isaac's Master's Degree - The Jordan Brittley Blog

I'm so thankful for him and how he leads our family! We are an imperfect bunch but God is able to help us even when we are weak. Today we wanted to tell you five things that we have learned from Isaac's Master in Education:

  1. Leave your work unfinished. It will be there tomorrow. It's okay to put it away and go to bed. It's okay to put it away and order Thai food! Be disciplined but don't let your pursuits demand your life.
  2. Keep the main thing the main thing. Just because Isaac was in school doesn't mean that it took priority. It can be so challenging to put down your work and live the life in front of you, but it's so important!
  3. Celebrate milestones! When Isaac would finish a semester, we celebrated! Even if the celebration looked like getting takeout and watching a movie after Daniel went to bed, we did it! It's important to celebrate the journey and the destination.
  4. Set appropriate expectations. If you're keeping the main thing the main thing, you need to adjust your expectations! It's not possible to spend 24/7 studying because at some point you will need to sleep. Change your overall routine so that your time isn't eaten away with tasks that don't fit the larger vision for your life.
  5. Just get it done. Don't procrastinate or put things off. When you have time to get something done just go ahead and take the time. Otherwise you will end up doing it later when you could be doing something that is really important (like going on a walk or taking an adventure with your family).
  6. Count the cost. What are you trading off by taking on something new? What do you have to give up? Isaac put off seminary for two semesters so that he could push through his degree much quicker. He knew that he would have to refresh his mind with all of the greek that he had learned in previous semesters. This summer he will be working hard to make sure he can bring his A game to seminary.
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