Bucket List for your First Year of Marriage

Now it's time for the real fun to begin. You're married and it's time to celebrate that love every day. Celebrate in the whimsical. Celebrate in the fancy honeymoon beach house. Celebrate in the place that finally feels like home. But don't forget to celebrate when being married to your best friend is hard work. Celebrate each other when you're still trying to figure things out. Celebrate in the hard times. Celebrate in the exhausting, everyday tasks. Celebrate because it only gets better and it's already pretty good.

Bucket lists are all about being intentional with the time that you have. That's probably why I really love them! The list below is for all of you married people out there. While this list is was created with the first year of marriage in mind, it can really be used at any point! So whatever year of marriage you're in, make it a memorable one!

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A Bucket List for your First Year of Marriage - 50 awesome things you should do in your first year of marriage on the Jordan Brittley Blog

Bucket List for your First Year of Marriage

  1. Split an ice cream cone
  2. Find a new favorite restaurant
  3. Go to Russell's
  4. Drive with the windows down in winter
  5. Go to the symphony
  6. Marathon a tv show
  7. Go on a train ride
  8. Order takeout for a date night at home
  9. Print your wedding photos
  10. Plan a surprise date for him
  11. Do the laundry together
  12. Rake the leaves
  13. Do a crazy dance in public
  14. Buy matching robes
  15. Print an instagram photo album of your adventures
  16. Buy the good sheets
  17. Eat an entire container of Ben & Jerry's
  18. Camp in your living room
  19. Swing in a hammock
  20. Take a spur-of-the-moment trip
  21. Go to the farmer's market
  22. Say something good about him in front of your friends
  23. Take anniversary photos
  24. Dance under the stars
  25. Buy a globe and mark all of the places you have been together
  26. Lay under the trees
  27. Bring her breakfast in bed
  28. Make his morning coffee
  29. Leave a love note on the pillow
  30. Go see the hot air balloon race
  31. Watch the rain fall from your porch
  32. Watch movies at the theatre all day
  33. Order room service
  34. Eat at Top of the Rock
  35. Go kayaking
  36. Pick out each other's frozen custard at Ted Drewes
  37. Serve someone
  38. Grow a plant
  39. Reminisce
  40. Develop a Saturday tradition
  41. Make a list of your dreams
  42. Tell each other the best things about each other
  43. Try a new genre of food
  44. Cook a meal together
  45. Take polaroid photos
  46. Get each other a birthday gift
  47. Hug everyday
  48. Spend a whole day cuddling
  49. Read a book
  50. Most importantly, love each other well