Online Galleries: Pass vs Pixieset

I think online galleries are important these days! I am currently using two different online gallery systems and I love them both for different reasons! I originally just wanted to share the differences with you, but while writing this post, I actually decided to switch to one gallery solution permanently! Let's talk about PASS and Pixieset and see what I will be using from now on!

Online Galleries - Pass


I used to use PASS and navigated away from it in 2013! At that point you weren't able to set up your own pricing for the print galleries and everything was self-fulfill. Pass has come a long way!

In the last couple months, I have only been using the free parts of PASS! Hopefully custom URLs and a more personal app experience for my clients will be an option soon!

Free galleries

Events under 100 photos come with all the perks and they are totally free! This means that your client can download the gallery easily and with one click!

Email Invite

I really like that their email invite includes all of the information that is needed for my client to access the galleries!

Personal Branding

It's simple and easy to brand your galleries just by adding your logo in your account! Make sure to use a png file so that it looks good in the galleries!

Original Files

That's right! PASS gives you the option to upload the original files! This would save me so much time in the future. This would mean that I didn't have to order USBs anymore (my clients prefer their online galleries anyway) and I won't have to go to the post office. It also means a shorter wait time for printing photos for my clients!

Online Galleries - Pixieset


Fixed cost in my business

I like being able to pay one bill at the beginning of every year. It does come with a tradeoff though: I can only use 200GB of space at a time with the pro plan ($300/year). For those of you who work with photos, you probably know that that won't last very long!

Custom URL

Instead of using, I have redirected people to I love the professional and simple URL when I'm sending the information to my clients! Way to go Pixieset!

Print sales

Pixieset allows you to create pricing sheets for different types of clients: Weddings, seniors, families, etc! This was actually the reason that I switched over to pixies to begin with!


The biggest difference between these galleries is price. You can either pay $300/year for 200GB of space on the web (and still need to send USBs) or you can pay $29 an event. At this point in my business, PASS is the better option for me. $29 makes photo sharing simple, cuts back on my time (or Isaac's) at the post office, and frees me of USBs. Once again, I think I'm headed back to PASS!

I also want to note that I was not paid to write this post! I actually was planning on just continuing to use the free parts of PASS until I finished writing the post!

So what about you? Do you use online galleries?