I made a free light and airy preset for you!

I have a gift for you today that has been in the works for two years. Years! When I first brought Jenna onto our team as our photo editor, I realized pretty quick that I needed an easier way for her to edit. She didn't have thousands of hours of editing experience and I wanted to make it an easy and beautiful process for her.


Before I handed over the reigns, I was able to edit a wedding in less than 2 hours, and I wanted that option for her, too. I started developing presets for her to use. I developed presets based on conditions: sunny, cloudy, flash, indoors, etc. It didn't work in the long run. And then I started thinking...

What if there was a way to create presets that build on each other? Could this be better than anything else out there right now? I decided that if it was faster, then it was worth a shot. I have created over 15 presets that build on each other! The amazing thing is that we only apply 3-5 presets for each photo. It's so simple and easy! I can't wait to share the full suite with you when our shop launches in 2017, but for now I have a free preset that is going to have you falling madly in love with our collection.

I released this preset to my newsletter a month ago and the response has been incredible! This ONE preset is actually changing the way other photographers edit - for the better. Here's what it looks like when you apply it!

I love giving gifts and this preset would have been a game changer at the beginning of my editing journey. And it's free! Did I say that already? Go ahead and download the preset by signing up below and then install it in Lightroom! We apply this preset to every digital photo we take.

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When you sign up, you will be the first to access our full suite of presets when we launch them!

I hope you have a crazy productive Tuesday and edit a lot of beautiful images today. And, friend, I hope this preset brings you JOY! Really, I do!


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