Shaw Nature Reserve Engagements - Sam and Mike

St Louis, Missouri Engagement Session

Shaw Nature Reserve

They walked through the golden gardens just as the sun was saying farewell to the day. He whispered in her ear, decorated her hair with blooms, and led her through hills of flowers. And he couldn't stop making her laugh.

That's just what they do... they laugh together. Through every season of their lives, they have learned to celebrate the simple things and the simple ways they get to be together. Sam's the kind of girl who could wear flowers in her hair every day, but Mike wouldn't be the one to decorate her hair. So when I asked him to put flowers in her hair, they couldn't stop laughing! These two love simple nights outdoors. They love listening to music and watching their puppy play. And they just really love being together.

Sam is a girl after my own heart, loving Fixer Upper and all things that start with "farm" and end with "houses." He's a spur-of-the-moment kind of guy - even when he proposed! She rounded the corner into the kitchen and he was kneeling on the kitchen floor!

fine art engagement session in St Louis, MO

Venue - Shaw Nature Reserve, St Louis Botanical Gardens
Photography - Jordan Brittley, St Louis & Destination Wedding Photographer

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