The photo secrets of 3 iconic images in my brand

She sat by the fountain and dipped her toes in - just like when we were little. Only she is taller and her hair is sometimes straight in our grown up years. David asked me to photograph their proposal and then I photographed their engagement session and wedding!

It's already been a year since I photographed their engagements and I have received so many questions about images from their session. I streamed part of it live on Periscope and it was one of the most popular engagement sessions on the blog! For those of you who will ask, I don't do Periscope anymore - I stick to Instagram story and will be hosting a facebook live event soon!

I wanted to take you behind 3 images today. Sometimes you take an image and it becomes an iconic image in your brand. Each image in this series does just that for me! These images evoke the emotion that I love to bring out in my work. My work changed during this session and I see so much of what I'm doing now in these images. I love when that happens!

Each image

Camera: Contax 645
Lens: Carl Zeiss 80mm
Film stock: Portra 800 rated at 400

Note that I now rate all of my Portra film at 200, no matter the speed!

 Photo Tips - Film Photographer

(1) Water Drip

Jaelyn sat by the fountain and put her feet in the water. I asked her to lift one foot out and let it drip. Shot at 1/25, f/2.0.

I wanted to create an image that captured the way Jaelyn lives! She is free and full of life! I also wanted to bring out this still, soft side of her that is evident to each person she meets. This is an image I can relate to - it causes me to slow down, breathe deep, and delight in the small things! 

 Film Photo Tips

(2) Still Garden

Jaelyn and David sat on the bench and I asked them to get close and enjoy a moment for just them. I started out across the garden and slowly moved toward them. By the time I was this close, they were completely lost in the moment. Shot at 1/250, f/2.0.

You can see more from this session right here!

 Photo Tips - Film Photography

(3) Flower Gift

For this last image, I asked David to pick her a flower. He was offering the flower to her when I asked her to hold his hand. There is so much in this image that I love - the warm connection, the gift, and the detail of her ring. Shot at 1/125, f/2.0.

I love working with film because of the beautiful skin tones, the rich colors, and how it brings so much stillness to me. The process of shooting film has taught me to slow down and see the details. I have learned that I don't have to entertain my subject. I can just create moments and let creativity flourish!


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This stillness now blends my digital and film work together in a way that I really love! If you are thinking about making the jump to film or have questions about any of these images, I would love to hear them below!