Workflow for Digital and Film Shooters

Isaac and I drove to St Louis on Saturday for a wedding and I even took a photo of me dancing in the fog! Pulling off the main road to dance in the middle of the street was the obvious choice. Afterall, my schedule for the day included a small road trip with my man, a chocolate chip frappe, and Matt and Becca's wedding! Today I'm putting the final touches on my fall 1:1 workshop!! I can't believe it's finally here and soon I will be announcing the winter coaching and 1:1 workshop dates. There's still ONE coaching session available if you need to snag it up (click here)!

So now that this weekend's wedding is over it's time to get to work! Since I shoot digital and film, that makes my workflow look interesting for weddings. Before I shot film, I would deliver the wedding the Thursday after the wedding. This was obviously a great business move and that's why it took some time for me to see that film, even with it's slower turnaround times, would be an even great move for my business.

A hybrid photographer's workflow - The Jordan Brittley Blog

So what does my hybrid workflow look like after the wedding?


Isaac and I both shoot with Mark IIIs. These cameras allow you to record to two memory cards at once. So while we shoot, we are recording all images in two different places! Talk about easing your mind!

We like to shoot on Lexar's 32/64 gb CF cards and Lexar's SD cards.


Once we are back in the office, I backup all of our cards to the iMac. I can then format the CF memory cards for the next shoot. This is also the day that I cull the wedding so that Jenna can get an early start at editing!

On Monday, Isaac is also delivering all of the film to the post office!


Jenna edits the wedding, I review it, export the files, and upload everything to our online gallery. I also get a confirmation from Richard Photo Lab saying that they received the film.

I also select all of the digital images that I want to submit for publication. I resize these images so that they pair well with the film images (film and digital have different aspect ratios). I also write the words for the blog post and brainstorm captions for marketing purposes while the wedding is still on my mind.


Sometimes waiting for the film hurts just a little. Because I request the Frontier scanner (and am finally getting the look that I want with little to no adjustments), it takes 5-10 business days to get the film back. The good news is that I have almost all of my work done in the first week. Once I receive the film, it's a breeze!

Once I get my favorite email from RPL saying that my film is ready, I download the film and post a sneak peek. I go through all of the images, make adjustments if needed, get rid of photos with blinks, and upload everything for my client. On film day I also resize all of the images for my blog, upload them to my blog, and schedule the post. I also submit the wedding on this day!


I love blog day and I know you do too! This is the day when the wedding goes live, a facebook album is published, and #jordanbrittleyweddings has a new lovely bouquet in its archives.

What about you? If you're a hybrid shooter, do you face any challenges with your workflow? Are you on the fence about shooting film or do you already love it as much as I do?