8 creative instagram ideas for this month


It's definitely the social app I use the most often. Anyone else?

Yeah, it's a great way to share our lives and get our marketing on for our dream clients. So, hey! Let's make it fun and take out the guesswork.

I love sharing joyful marriages (professional work), stories of His grace, plants, pieces of our home and travel, and our family in the IG world. There have been times when I start to feel stuck on what to share next. Friend, I still have those days!

So here are my 8 go-to ideas to keep it interesting and fun on insta!


Stuck on what to post to Instagram? Here are 8 fun ideas!_1.jpg

1) Scenery!

Are you going on a trip? Do you live in a unique place? Share what the world looks like from your perspective. It might feel like you don’t have anything to offer but you do!

2) Share your living space!

People are inspired by home decor and what your life looks like! Just look at Pinterest! It doesn’t have to be perfect or totally finished. Just make sure you don’t include your street name or house number!

3) Share behind the Scenes! 

I need to share more behind the scenes images! I think these are so fun. It makes it fun for your audience to see what’s in progress in your piece of the world!

4) Share about your family or pets!

I never want to use my life as a marketing piece but I do want people to see that I’m a real person! I want to be genuine about the challenges that I face in motherhood and in my marriage (with permission, of course)! I also want people to get to know me because it’s easier to get rid of potential clients who would not be a good fit!

Jordan Brittley Instagram tips

5) Ask a question!

Creating an audience that’s engaged and feels connected with you is so important! Invest time getting to know them.

6) Share your blog content!

Don’t make people leave the platform to get the content! Give them a short excerpt or an overview. Sometimes your audience won’t have time to go check it out and it can be viewed as a favor! Save those favors for *very* important posts.

7) Share what you’re learning!

I love sharing my life in this way! What are your “light bulb” moments? What are you passionate about? Share these things and encourage your audience!

8) Share something funny!

You know those tweets that you always want to share but they are too long?! INSTAGRAM. I can’t be funny on the spot! But if I’m in a goofy mood?! Well, if I’m in a goofy mood then I write down all of my funny jordan-isms and post them later!

8 ideas for what to post to Instagram

And let's not worry about the number of followers and likes on our photos! We get to put on our business hat and just have fun on this platform. Where can I find you on Instagram? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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