Should you buy followers for Instagram and Facebook?

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Let's start at the very beginning. Why does someone want followers on social media? If you're a business owner, it's because you're trying to share your brand story, connect with your target audience, and monetize the platform! There are several advantages to having more followers on social media but in reality, they aren't necessary for a successful business.

Advantages to a large audience

  1. You can reach and impact more people with your brand story! Instead of having just a few people tune in every day to connect with you, you have hundreds, thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands!
  2. It can be easier for people to find you! With Instagram's current algorithm, popular posts (posts with high engagement) appear at the top of hashtag feeds. If you get listed in one of those "top posts," your work will be seen by more people!
  3. If used well, you will see an increase in sales! I just want to say again that you don't have to have a huge following to have a successful business. If you want to grow your account, you can learn how to monetize your platforms with the numbers you have. Once you start growing, your understanding of growing a business on Instagram will naturally lead to more sales.

The question: Should you buy followers?

No! Do not buy followers, friend!! I understand the temptation to instantly have that little "K" at the end of your account. The truth is that it's just a vanity metric! I originally heard this term from Foundr Magazine and love it!

I know that you're going to ask, so I am just going to tell you that I DO NOT buy followers. My understanding is that these "followers" aren't even real people. They aren't going to read your brand story, buy from you, or invest in your business. These "followers" are just fake accounts that Instagram routinely deletes. And when they start deleting those fake accounts, you're going to lose all of the followers you just purchased.

Do not buy followers.

What's the solution?

So what should you do instead of buying followers? How can you grow your audience in a way that helps you reach the people you're trying to reach?!

  1. Use hashtags appropriately! I really think Instagram's new algorithm will penalize people who overuse hashtags. Do some research and find out where your target audience is hiding!
  2. Like and comment! Invest some time on the platform. Reply to your audience, like photos of frequent commenters, and be generous. Give, give, give!
  3. Provide a call to action in your profile description! I missed out on this key element for years! Please ask your audience to do something in your account description! It works even better if you're asking them to get something FREE!

Instagram used to feel like guesswork to me and it doesn't anymore. I don't have to work so hard to authentically market myself on the platform. I don't have to work so hard to grow my business on the platform! It's (finally) fun and simple to me and I want to share everything I have learned and the resources that have helped me. Stay tuned!

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