There's nothing magical about 10,000 followers

I shared yesterday on Instagram that I'm taking a social media break. I felt the Lord calling me to step away from social media and into Him. It's not something that I wanted to do because I really enjoy social media, but the pressure had started to creep in. Here are some truths I have been speaking over myself this morning:

  • You don't have to grow your audience for God to use you
  • You don't have to put out amazing content for God to use you
  • If you stop focusing on Instagram (even with good intentions), it will only create room to turn to Jesus
  • You were not created to be worshipped. How does God want to use your Instagram account to help people worship Him?
Flowers by Jordan Brittley

I had always dreamed of crossing 10,000 followers on Instagram. And when that happened, do you want to know what changed? Nothing. My message didn't change, and the Lord didn't say that I could finally be used in His Kingdom. There is nothing magical about 10,000 followers.

I understand that leads and followers are similar in nature, but still - there is nothing magical about 10,000 followers. I have talked before about vanity metrics and that little number next to your account truly is just a vanity metric. Please don't pursue #allthefollowers. You won't find contentment there.

But I will tell you where I have found contentment and joy!

  • Using my gifts to be creative! I'm picking up a bouquet today from my friend Charity for my launch!
  • Trusting in the Lord to provide the "brain power" I need to create free PDFs, the copy for my website, and select the images that will accompany the #jordanbrittleyrebrand!
  • Speaking His words!
  • Marketing my business! I battled this for so long. I felt like marketing would always just be manipulation. But it's not.Sometimes we just need His perspective to see that marketing can be so very meaningful!
  • Sharing imagery that is close to my heart and represents something more!
  • Living by the Spirit!
  • Cooking Red Thai curry with music playing in the background and Daniel playing at my feet!
  • Long talks and walks with Isaac and Daniel!

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Whether you have 1 follower on Instagram or 1 million, I want to tell you that there's nothing magical about any of it. The beauty lies in what you do with those little squares. Because what if we showed the world how to praise Him instead of us?