Use this online quiz creator for your business

You've seen the online buzz around quizzes, right?! You land on your favorite blog, navigate through their quiz, pop in your email address and bam. You've been quizzed and you don't mind one bit.

Sitting there reading your quiz results in the words of your favorite blogger or influencer and obviously crying ugly tears because you've never felt more understood. You love them even more. Trust them? More than ever.

What if there was a way to make your own quiz?

Without hiring a developer...

Or spending hours and hours designing it...

I'm going to show you how to can get started with quizzes and give you a step-by-step tutorial so we can get your quiz up and running today.

online quiz creator

Is it easy to create an online quiz?

I'm a strategy girl, so creating quizzes with some psychology and strategy is right up my alley! 

What if you're not teaching creative entrepreneurs?

What if you don't own a big company like Nike?

I get it — you might feel like you have to be an entrepreneur educator or have some big budget to make a quiz. You might be thinking you'll have to write code or hire a developer to make this happen.

I get it.

A couple of years ago, I was thinking "note to self: hire a developer to build interactive quiz on my site."

A couple of years later — aka now — and I didn't hire that developer.

Thousands of dollars for a single opt-in that might not work?

Not worth it.

But I just found the easiest way to build an online quiz!


FAQs about online quizzes

Should you create an online quiz for your business?

Short answer: Yes. Absolutely. Hands-down.

Get your quiz up and running and don't miss out on potential clients.

Long answer: Spending a small marketing budget on a quiz that takes just a little bit of time to build that's been proven to generate leads? 

Worth it. 

I just found a way for you to get unlimited quizzes!

Hello, Interact! I'm partnering up with the team over at Interact to teach you how to create your own quiz.

My quiz is in the works, but I had to get this info to you asap.

The quiz game is growing strong and implementing this into your service-based business or online shop could be huge.

You can help potential clients and customers find the answers they are looking for and follow up with them in your email newsletter with more helpful content.


What if you're a photographer wanting to book a few more clients?

What if you're in a service-based business and you need to see more inquiries, more bookings or just increase your sales this year?

Friend, it's time to build a quiz!


Question: Is it hard to create a quiz?

No way! You know I'm all about making things as simple as possible — that's why I created the Light & Airy Preset Suite.

You don't need to know code or hire a developer — please and thank you! 

Question: Does it cost money?

It's free until you start collecting leads! You can opt for the "Lite" version if you don't want to hassle with a branded quiz.

If keeping your brand strong across the board is important to you and you've got the marketing budget, opt for the "Growth" plan.

Branding is important to me so if you were my coaching client, I'd tell you to go with the "Growth" plan.

But for right now, you can just select the free plan and make sure everything is up and running before you invest!


Create your online quiz

Step 1: Sign up with this online quiz creator

While we get your quiz off the ground and set up, you can sign up for the free account.

Click here to head to Interact's site and select "Try it for free."

Enter your info and you won't need to upgrade to a paid account until you're collecting leads.

That makes total sense since you'll be able to start marketing to those leads.


Step 2: Create your strategy

Time to create a strategy that is easy on the brain. If you were sitting down for coffee with a potential client or customer, what would they ask you before they purchased something from you? Maybe you're asked something like...

  1. Should I book an engagement session?
  2. How many albums should I order?
  3. How often should I come in for a haircut?
  4. How much should I budget for photography?

A quiz is a perfect place to help with these questions.

You can take any FAQ and turn it into a quiz to make your brand a little more personable in the online world.

Step 3: Create your first quiz

Time to get the party started!

Answer the following questions on Interact...

  1. Is this your first time making a quiz? Yes
  2. Would you like to use a pre-made quiz template you can customize? Or make a quiz from scratch? Scratch
  3. What type of quiz would you like to build? Personality

Step 4: Enter your quiz title

For this example, I named my quiz "What kind of bride are you?"

I think this would be a fun quiz for anyone in the wedding industry!

A wedding planner could use this to help potential customers figure out if they are a black tie or destination type of bride.

A florist could discover if her potential customers are looking for something neat and orderly or loose and free.

A photographer could learn about the types of images that matter most to the potential client.

Can you see how big this could be for your business? And all by making a quiz!


Step 5: Add the image for your quiz

What's the best image you've got that converts? Use that image here. You can go back through your instagram or facebook analytics to find the image or look at high converting blog posts to find this image.

Since the quiz is geared toward a bride, I chose a picture of a bride holding a bouquet.

  1. Choose "Edit cover image" and a new window will pop up
  2. Select "upload" in the top menu section
  3. This particular quiz is looking for an image that is 900x400 so I popped the image into facebook to crop and resize.
  4.  Click "Choose File" and select the file from your computer
  5. Click "Upload image"
  6. Click "Crop and save"

Ta da! Image is ready!

online quiz creator

Step 6: Write a quiz description

Getting someone to start your quiz is going to be one of the most important steps, but don't let this section hold you up! What are your final results going to be? You can incorporate that into this section to hook your audience and make them curious!

Step 7: Choose your button text

Choose button text like "I'm in!" or "Get started." This is your call to action or your CTA. Imagine if you were the one about to take the quiz — what CTA on the button would get you to actually start the quiz?

Step 8: Choose your results

Next, it's time to select what you want your results to be! For example, a real estate agent could help a client decide if they want the city life or something more secluded; a large outdoor area to host parties or a kitchen with a big island.

In Interact, you can choose an image, description and a CTA for every single result! So let's continue the real estate agent idea and imagine that they had blog content (or an instagram post) about outdoor hosting. If the potential customer gets the "Outdoor host" result, the CTA could be to go to that helpful content!

The possibilities for creating brand loyalty are endless!



Step 9: Choose your questions and answers

Type in your questions and answers! I'm giving you the inside scoop on this before I create my own quiz, but I'm guessing that quizzes where questions are displayed without images will convert better. It communicates to your audience that the quiz is quick!

For your first quiz, I'd suggest a 5-question quiz!

Step 10: Enable lead capture

Time to make this legit! Now that you have created your quiz, it's time to grab one of the plans so you can integrate it with your email list! 

Step 11: Get that branding going with custom colors

You've been working in the "content" section and now it's time to switch over to the "styles" section to have a little fun! Change your button color to your CTA color in your brand and make sure it all looks consistent with your brand!

Step 11: Publish your quiz and get it on your site!

I personally love the "announcement bar" or "embed in your website or landing page" options! I'll probably use the announcement bar site-wide and then embed my quiz on my site (so I can link to it from blog posts) as well!

That's it! No need to hire a web developer for this one. You can just sign up with Interact and let them do the heavy-lifting while you create unlimited quizzes.

Marketing just got a whole lot simpler! I bet you can guess what I'll be working on this week!


Anyone else love simple copy & paste things?

I've written a quiz for wedding photographers — complete with 3 personality types, a simple strategy to market your work to those personality types and a quiz that will tell you the personality type.

I used a similar strategy to book my dream wedding clients! Thank goodness for quizzes! That would have made my life so much simpler!

Click the button below to learn more about my copy & paste quiz for wedding photographers...

online quiz creator

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