7 Blog Content Ideas for When You Feel Stuck

So you’re sitting there in the dreamiest, naturally-lit coffee shop, dessert coffee in hand because calories don’t count and writing content for your blog feels like a walk in the park each and every day.

Please, tell me your name so we can get acquainted. You can probably skip this one.

But if wearing yoga pants so you can crunch out content for your audience feels a little more like your everyday biz owner life and it doesn’t always feel like sunshine and rainbows, then let’s chat.

 7 blog content ideas you might not have thought of

Whether you’re a total newbie when it comes to blogging or you’re just ready for that next blogger step to uplevel your business, I’ve got 7 content ideas for when you feel stuck in the mud.

Ewww… definitely not where you want to be. Did I ever tell you about that time when I was shooting a wedding and I walked through so much goose poo? In case you haven’t heard the story, I tried to wipe it off with the other boot and just smeared it all over my Hunter boots. 

I tried to keep calm and not go run to the nearest pool and jump straight in in the middle of winter. I don’t know where you’d find a pool in the central west end in St Louis. And hopefully I would have thought that idea all the way through before deciding to go for a swim with goose poo in the dead of winter.

7 blog content ideas for when you feel stuck

Basically, mud equals goose poo and you don’t want to feel like you’re walking through it while you’re trying to crush your content calendar and hit your next blog post out of the park.

 7 content ideas for your business blog

Light and Airy Photo Recipe

Edited with the Light & Airy Preset Suite

1. Drop everything when you’re shooting the reception because your bride wants to do a flower petal shot
2. Ask your second shooter to hold a reflector because you’re shooting in the grass
3. Apply L&A Fuji Classic because it goes with everything


1. Update old content

Go check in on your google analytics to see what blog posts you have that still see a lot of traffic and might need to be updated. If they’re still relevant — and my guess is they are — then update those posts and add them to your blogging queue. 

You can update the post, leave it published, and on the day it’s time for that post to go live, just go change the published date. This helps new readers and old — best of both worlds.

I did that with My Process for Light & Airy Photos and made it a whole lot more helpful. It was originally published in 2015 and I updated it last year. It still sees so much traffic!

2. Put a spin on your audience’s favorite blog article

Create a spin-off from one of your most popular blog posts! You already know that your audience loves hearing about that topic, so create a supporting piece of content.

You’ll be able to link to your popular blog post from the new, supporting piece of content and vice versa. 

One of my most popular posts for 2017 was Travel Photography Tips for Bloggers. So something to consider when I get back from maternity leave is creating a blog post about the best lenses to take on your next adventure or how to keep it light and airy without towing around a reflector.

And yes, it’s true! I’m writing this while the Christmas lights are still shining and the Christmas music is still playing. I have a gazillion thoughts on planning content months in advance, too. So I’ll spill it all in the fall. Only, it might not be the fall… that just rhymed.

3. Put together a helpful list of blog posts

So you have already put in a ton of work and have a handful of blog posts that you definitely want your readers to see. Create a blog post with the sole purpose of driving readers to those pieces of content.

I see this a lot in the food industry and it’s for a good reason! If you’ve got a handful of reader-favorite cookie recipes, why not put links to those cookie recipes in one place and make it easy for your readers to access?


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4. Tell a funny story that holds a lesson for you and your audience

This is a great way to keep your blogging experience a personal one. You want your readers to connect with you, be inspired by you, and hopefully want to follow along on a social media platform like Instagram.

I mean, you’re already putting out stellar content on Instagram and it would help them get the full scoop if they just hit the follow button over there. They just need a reason.

I love taking everyday stories and turning them into business and life lessons. I do this mostly through my Instagram stories, but it would be fun to switch it up and add one to the blog!

 7 blog content ideas to break your writer's blog

5. Tell a secret

There are things you know you are assuming everyone else already knows. Things like color-coding google docs, creating consistent imagery by using one tool, or the styling bag you always bring with you to weddings.

Those are secrets.

Secrets that your readers would love to learn. Secrets that just require you to talk about something you do a little different. 


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6. Answer a frequently asked question

One of the biggest questions I was asked in 2017 was how to get started with Lightroom. So I created a master post with all the things you’d need to know to get started with Lightroom.

Now, if someone shoots us an email or asks about Lightroom in the JB facebook group we can shoot them this link! Not to mention, this post is on the rise SEO-wise and I expect it to be one of our most popular posts in 2018!

7. Talk about your process

We want to know about you. Yes, your readers will want practical, step-by-step blog posts that help them get from point A to point B, but they want a little transparency, too.

What’s a mistake you’ve made in your business? How could someone else learn from your mistake? This works incredibly well if you’ve developed a product that will help ensure they never have to make that same mistake.

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Name your board "Light & Airy Photo Tips" so we can find your faves!


Share about what you’d do different if you were just starting. Share about the systems and random things you’re doing that are working well and share how you got to that point. 

Your readers want to learn and they want to feel like they’re learning from friend. Posts like this make you seem just a bit more human.

What inspired you most to get un-stuck with your blog content? And just a quick note — dessert coffee and a pretty coffee shop doesn’t hurt with a little writer’s block. ;)