You've been seeing quizzes floating around on your favorite sites and you may have wondered how they made that happen. I just partnered up with an amazing quiz company and I'm giving wedding photographers my copy & paste quiz — complete with strategy and psychology so you can start marketing to your dream clients.

Already know you want the copy & paste quiz?

buy the quiz now and ask your dream clients —What kind of bride are you?

You'll get a PDF with a strategy for 3 personality types and all the words you need for a quiz — title, description, results, questions and all buttons — so you can copy, paste and get back to it!

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tell your dream client who they are and what they want.

You'll want to tell your dream client things like...

+ You want family photos to be a breeze.

+ You want photos of your joy because that's who you are at your core.

+ Your heart is centered around the people in your life.

You’re on the hunt for a photographer who knows how to make the experience good for everyone — including your family.

+ You want a photographer who knows how to take joyful images.

+ You notice the small things like soft color and the creamy skin tones.

+ You've got details down to a science.


Say hello to a wedding photographer's copy & paste quiz!

I put together 3 personality types using my psychology background, added a simple strategy you can implement with your email list and the exact words you need for you quiz description, quiz questions, quiz results & all call to action buttons.

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Whether you have a budding email list or you're just getting started

Quizzes are a hit right now and I think they're here to stay! I mean... they've been around since you could thumb through a magazine.

A couple of years ago, I thought you'd have to get all #techy and hire a developer to create an online quiz.

Not anymore! All you really need? A strategy, images, and the right words!

Need help getting started? I've got a blog tutorial for you right here (click)!


Use a quiz to bridge the gap between window shopper and inquirer

communicate that you know what they're looking for

Let me ask you a question — how many times have you looked through someone's website online, wanting to buy something from them, but you end up just navigating away? I know I've done that and I know it's happened on my site.

A quiz is like a middle-man: something that bridges the gap between "This photographer is amazing" and an inquiry. A quiz gives them a peek inside your brand, your voice and your photo style without the hassle of an inquiry.

At the end of the quiz, they hand over their email and you deliver the quiz results! Three things happen: they have fun, feel understood, and they trust you. One more thing? They actually want to know what you're going to say next!

Now we're talking!



You could even take it one step further, apply a quick tag to anyone with a specific result and it looks like this...

You shoot a wedding at Pippin Hill and the details are insane

Post an image to instagram, talk about how you approach the details and send that post to everyone you've tagged as detail-driven.

Your bride from this past weekend had her grandmother as her maid of honor

Write up a facebook post and share a moment that happened between them. Now you've just gotta send that over to your people-person brides.

You just took the most fun and joyful images of your career

Do a little Instagram story talking about how you brought out the personality of your clients, brag on them a little and let your fun-focused dream clients know you have a new IG video for them.

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You could build it from scratch and keep these things in mind...

+  Image strategy so people keep clicking.

+  Understanding of the 3 main personality types of your dream clients so you know what questions to ask — and not ask.

+ Words — quiz title, description, results, questions and strong calls to action that make people excited to take your quiz and hand over their email.

+  The right length so people don't get distracted and navigate away.

+  Structure to your quiz so that the results make sense and line up at the end.

+  Insight into what your dream clients are really saying through their quiz answers.

+  Grab attention with every question so that your dream clients finish the quiz.

+  Dream clients who are saying "This is totally me!! Oh my gosh — so me!" when they're reading through their results.

+ An end game that creates interest in your brand — something more than just grabbing an email address. 


Or you could just copy and paste!

Use the time it would have taken you to build the quiz and market it instead! I'll handle the psychology, strategy and words — you handle getting it in front of dream clients.


So how does this work?

Add the Copy & Paste Quiz  - What kind of bride are you?  to your cart. As soon as you check out, you'll get an email with the PDF where I'll break down...

+ Techy stuff like where you should host your quiz

+ The psychology behind the quiz so you can get familiar with the 3 personality types

+ The strategy for this quiz so you can hook everything up with your email system and start marketing like a pro

+ Quiz setup instructions so you know what to select once you're working on the quiz platform

+ Swipeable copy so you can copy and paste your quiz in just a couple of minutes

Call me Mrs. Psychology Nerd. 

I used this strategy in my own wedding photography business and it landed me my dream clients time and time again. It was before quizzes were a possibility, so I just did my personality marketing once I got the inquiry. But can you imagine what would have been possible if I was collecting the emails of my dream clients in my sleep?

And — AND — they were telling me exactly what I needed to know to book them?

When you've got the swipeable copy, your strategy for quiz building goes from everything I listed above to this...

You need to copy & paste. 

That's it. You just copy + paste the words I've written, add your own lingo if you want and you get emails for your dream clients.

From the front end of things, it will look like you have a simple 5 question quiz but in the PDF I'll explain the strategy that's going on so you can get to marketing. We'll keep it easy, fun and user-friendly for your dream clients and I'll share the psychology behind the quiz so you can implement the marketing strategy.


I'll give you the words for your quiz title, description, all your buttons, the questions and the results.

You just have to copy the words in the doc I send you,  paste them into your online quiz and hook it up to your email platform.

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