What your camera's trying to tell you: Mark iii's Shoot1 Settings

I love discovering new things! I love it even more when they provide a solution and help me do my job better! Everything I am sharing with you is coming directly from the Canon 5D Mark iii but can be applied to a lot of cameras. These things are going to save you time when you're shooting and editing! We are going to be working inside the SHOOT module on the Mark iii's menu. Go ahead and click menu on the top left part of your camera. The graphic for this module is a camera and it turns red when it has been selected. There are 4 sections and today we are going to cover 1 of them!

What your camera is trying to tell you - The Canon 5D Mark III's Shoot1 Settings - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Shoot1 Setting

Image quality

With this function, you can choose to shoot in RAW, JPEG, or both! I prefer to shoot in MRAW. The M stands for medium and each image is around 10M. Unless you're shooting for billboards and will need to crop in post, the medium setting will serve you well.

Shoot1 > Image Quality > MRAW

Image review

A lot of people prefer to review each image they take, but I do not! I find it distracting and it slows me down. To turn off image review, just select this function and then select "Off" and you will be all set!

Shoot1 > Image Review > Off


Oh, the dreaded beep! I am sure that this function solves a problem for someone, but it doesn't solve a problem for me. To turn off the beep so that you don't hear it every time you take a photo, just disable it!

Shoot1 > Beep > Disable

Release shutter without card

Sometimes I will take a test shot and then realize that I don't have a card in the camera. I have solved this problem by changing this setting to "OFF" and now my camera will not allow me to take a photo unless there is a card in the camera!

Shoot 1 > Release shutter without card > OFF

Lens aberration correction

I didn't know this function existed until recently! Our presets make adjustments in post to make sure that no lens aberration has occurred but I had no idea that my camera could reduce some of that in camera.

For those of you who don't know, lens aberration refers to how a lens might distort color when there is a high contrast in light around a subject. This results in a pink or green rim around trees, or even people.

Shoot1 > Lens aberration correction > Chromatic aberration > Enable

External Speedlite control

You can control your flash and develop custom settings in this function! It's actually a great way to monitor and control your flash.

Shoot1 > External Speedlite control

Mirror lockup

I have never used this, but I like knowing that I have the option! If you notice that you have something that looks like motion blur in an image but it's not from camera shake, this is a great option. You can read more about it here!


Have you ever discovered a function in your camera that solved a problem for you?! Share in the comments below!

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