The Number 1 Reason Blogging Wasn't Working for Me and why that's not true anymore

In January of this year, I put my blogging hat on and got to work. This looked so much different than the last time I started blogging (2011) because I was determined to make it work for my business. I decided that I wanted blogging to be a marketing train that, over time, would propel itself and create organic reach for my brand. Before that, I was blogging sporadically. I didn't have a clear vision for my blog because I didn't know why I was even blogging. My posts were centered around my random thought of the day and I wasn't aware of my audience. In fact, I wasn't aware that anyone was even reading.

Number one reason blogging wasn't working for me and why that isn't true anymore - The Jordan Brittley Blog (

So why was blogging not working for me? Here it is: the number one reason that blogging wasn't working for me was that I wasn't taking it seriously.

Here's what I changed

Consistency - I decided how often I wanted to blog and I stuck to it! From trial and error, I have learned that consistently posting at the same time is extremely beneficial. I cut my audience in half if a post goes up after 11 am CST.

I treat it like part of my business - Blogging is not a hobby for me. It used to be and while that was fun, I enjoy the challenge of using it as a way to market my business! It's a way for me to connect with my readers. And who are those readers? They are my ideal clients. If you're reading this then you are most likely a potential (and wonderfully ideal) photography client or a photographer!

I track the growth - Blogging started in the early 2000s so I have some ways that I can still grow this blog! If you started blogging in the last 2 years, you probably haven't hit 100,000 monthly users or had a million dollar year in your business! I'm right there with you! When I feel like my blog might not be growing, I go to google analytics! It's encouraging to see that the hard work is paying off!

My 2016 goal: I want to hit 30,000 monthly users and am currently reaching 2,200 users on average each month (5,000 pageviews)! That's a ways to go!

SEO - In 2011 I thought that if I blogged every day, then I would rank really well on google! Well, just in case you're new to blogging, that's not how it works! In 2013 I installed SEO by Yoast plugin for my blog and this changed my blogging world.

Blog the wedding/engagement when I get the film back - I no longer wait to get the wedding/engagement/proposal published before I share it! I tried that for one year and saw a significant change in the effectiveness of my reach (aka getting the attention of my client's friends and family)!

I share the post on social media - I share every single post on social media. I am working on being consistent on all platforms, but Facebook is a must for me. Can you believe I wasn't sharing the post before?! This has helped me to reach the people who already want to hear from me!

Is blogging working for you? What hurdles have you faced in blogging and where do you want to go with blogging? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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