Ruthie and Jesse Wedding

Ruthie sat on the cozy couch in her Aunt's bedroom, pen and paper in hand. The whole house felt like Christmas morning... excitement, anticipation, and the kind of peace you dream about. She scribbled a few more words in the letter and carefully folded it up.

Her sisters, momma, and best friends sat around her while she put the finishing touches on her makeup. They told bits and pieces of Ruthie's story - her adoption and the restored relationships that felt untouched by time, her sweet momma who longed and prayed for Ruthie until she held her in her arms, her love for her grandma and how she would be the one to stand next to her when she married her love, and the overwhelmingly beautiful story of meeting Jesse.

Ruthie and Jesse wouldn't want me to write about their story or their wedding day without telling you about how Jesus' hand touched every part. How He pulled them together and formed a bond that is tied up in the love that conquers all.

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So when Jesse took her hands and looked into her eyes for the first time as his wife, there were tears all around. They ran out into the cold, and he scooped her up into a world where winter seemed to stand still.

Her grandma hugged Ruthie in front of the white house while the rest of the family eagerly waited their turn. She leaned her head on Ruthie just long enough for me to lose my breath. Because these small moments of love? They matter. It's the small moments of love that make up the song of legacy. It's the small moments of love that become our legacy.

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Ruthie and Jesse walked through the English Gardens that Ruthie's uncle built just for them. Jesse helped Ruthie hold her black dog (this girl is fearless!) and they stood on the balcony and looked out over the bare tree-tops that decorate the December air.

Even to your old age I am he,
    and to gray hairs I will carry you.
I have made, and I will bear;
    I will carry and will save.

Isaiah 46:4

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Fine Art Wedding Photographer - Jordan Brittley, St. Louis MO & Destination Weddings
Venue - Private Family Estate
Florist - In Bloom Floral Design
Wedding Coordinator - Lynene Sandbloom
Caterer - Jack Stack BBQ
Cake - Gigi's Cupcakes
Hair - Tobby Hood
Dress - Vera Wang