Madalyn & Conner Wedding

She looked out the tall, white windows and into her childhood backyard. Madalyn was just minutes from seeing Conner and the room quieted. White trailed behind her as her Mom placed the veil in her hair. They laughed together and I thought I saw her Mom wipe away a happy tear.

They made their promises to each other - the kind of promises that won't be broken - as the last of the sunlight swept over the hills in the distance. And then she was his wife.

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They ran past me and into their own little world of just married. In those first minutes, they stood in the shade but the sun's rays still swept in around them. The grass was vibrant with a new summer's rain and the trees provided a grand entrance for the last of their wedding day light. Her back was to me and he held her close until the light began moving closer and closer.

Madalyn is radiant with joy! She is bold and full of love for the people around her. Each detail of their wedding day was touched with deep meaning - evidence that Madalyn was behind it all. I loved watching how Conner honored her. He leads her with gentleness - like he's ready to protect her heart and teach her to dance all in the same moment.

They walked into the night with only the stars and the sparklers to light the way. They climbed into the back of her grandfather's 1931 Ford Truck, her hand in his. He was smiling at her and she was smiling at him and then they were looking out at all of their friends and family. And then they were looking at each other again. They waived goodbye and began their journey under the stars... just the two of them.

A Jordan Brittley Wedding, Fine Art Wedding Photographer


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Fine Art Wedding Photographer - Jordan Brittley, Destination Weddings
Floral Designer - He Loves Me Flowers
Venue - Weathered Wisdom Barn
Dress - Normans Bridal
Veil - Bride's Mom
Hair - Pippa from A Valerie Boss Salon
Invitations - WrenPapery
Shoes - Rampage
Rings - Golden Classics
Bridesmaid Dresses - Dillards
Getting Ready Venue - The Yohn House
Cookies - Family and Friends
Cake - Monica Bethards

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