Kelsey and Kyle Engagements

There has always been a softness about Kelsey. She listens to others, is quick to encourage someone, and she makes the best key lime pie you have ever had. She's my cousin and friend and I love this girl! 

I remember sitting at the kitchen table and hearing Kyle's name for the first time. She said something like, "Yeah, he's pretty great." All while doing this darling shoulder shrug + head tilt that gave her away. She was in love.

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But their love is the kind of love where selflessness and freedom seem to hold hands. It's truly beautiful. I have even watched Kyle win White Elephant for Kelsey. And isn't that the true measure of love?!

We met them in Joplin, where Kelsey is finishing school, to put together a bouquet of flowers and walk through gardens and take in gorgeous views of rolling hills. I really feel so honored to share Kelsey and Kyle with you.

Because there's a peace when they are holding each other. Because there's a stillness when they are together. Because there's a joy that they have when it's just the two of them and the rest of the world fades away...

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Photography - Jordan Brittley, Springfield Missouri Wedding Photographer
Venue - Amadeus Ranch, Joplin Missouri Wedding Venue

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