6 tips for styling the invitation suite

Can I let you in behind the scenes for a second? I used to dread photographing the invitation suite. I knew that it was important to the bride and I needed a great shot to get the wedding published. But I had no idea where to begin! Well, I guess I knew that I needed to lay out the whole suite, but I had no idea how to do it in a way that felt natural and elegant - two things that I want woven throughout my brand. 

 how to style the invitation suite - photo tips from Jordan Brittley

Everything changed at this wedding. I had taken images that I loved of the invitation suite before, but it was during that wedding that I felt like I found my way in styling. And now, years later, I'm realizing that I'm not the only one who has struggled with this whole styling thing! So I'm sharing 6 tips for styling the invitation suite!

How to style the invitation suite


For the image below, I used a blanket that I found in the closet of the beach house. I found a few limes in the kitchen and decided to incorporate them to play up one of the colors of the wedding and also make it feel relaxed! I love the pop of color that the limes add!

6 Tips for Styling the Invitation Suite - The Jordan Brittley Blog

2) Keep the invite front and center

When I'm laying out the invitation suite, it's easy for the actual invite to end up on the edge of the layout once you start adding all the pieces. There's always a place for creativity, so break the rules! But while you're experimenting and finding your own rhythm with styling, keep the invite toward close to the center.


I love simple design and there's nothing wrong with photographing the invite all by itself! You can add in the envelope, RSVP card, and other inserts later. You'll still want to photograph those for your client, but they don't have to be part of your portfolio or blog post if that's not the story you're wanting to tell.

How to style the Invitation Suite - Photo Tips from Jordan Brittley

4) Merge your creative vision with the client

You can style the invitation suite so that it feels more edgy or keep it feeling sophisticated. Bringing in the bride's creative vision is actually really easy - just photograph the invitation suite! Look at the elements and fonts she chose for her invite and bring in details that compliment what she already loves.

If you want a more relaxed photo, try shooting from an angle or turning one of the pieces. If you want something very sophisticated, keep the lines straight and uncluttered. 

Styling tips for the invitation suite - how to photograph the invitation at weddings with Jordan Brittley

5) Don't overload

Before you add an extra element to the invitation suite (like a lime, ribbon, tray, or flowers), ask yourself, "Why?" Why is the story better with this detail? If you don't have a good answer, leave it out.

Right now, ribbons are trending in the paper world. It makes sense - it's something that naturally goes with paper! You can tie it around the invite and it can communicate a textural detail about the wedding. But don't add ribbon to every invitation suite because trends don't last forever and you'll be dating your work if it's not a "must." If you use it only when it's essential, your gallery will be stronger and so will your portfolio.

6) Straighten everything

I can't tell you how many times I get everything perfectly straight only to bump it while I am placing the final pieces! I have started focusing on getting the main layout first and then straightening at the end to save time and avoid shuffling the pieces by accident! After all that work, you might think that it doesn't matter to straighten the pieces. Don't give into that! Haha! I have been there and you'll regret it later.

6 Tips for Styling the Invitation Suite - The Jordan Brittley Blog

I don't think styling should be a big mystery because it's really about finding your style and communicating that through the details. I hope this helps you embrace your own style and makes styling a little more simple.


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