9 Ways that Power Images Will Change Your Business

Power images are vital to your brand. These images tell your audience what your brand is about and how invested they should become in your brand. So what is a power image? A power image is any image that directly reflects your brand. Your power images create the same emotion that your brand creates. Your power images connect to your target audience in a way that words cannot. Power images compliment the heart of your brand. So today I am sharing these 9 ways that power images will change your business.

9 Ways Power Images will Change Your Business - The Jordan Brittley Blog

1. Develops trust

Consistent product photos communicate to potential customers that you are invested in your product. Photographers aren’t the only people that need powerful images anymore. If you want to build a business that works, then you are going to need images that reflect your brand well.

2. Indicates a strong brand

When you start sharing your power images you are educating your audience about your brand. The more often you post these types of images, the more likely your audience will identify your work when they see it.

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3. Experience before investment

These images show window shoppers what your brand is about and it gives them an opportunity to experience your brand before they ever invest in it. This helps to avoid buyers remorse and build loyal customers.

4. Forces people to stop and look 

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram when you come across an image that forces you to stop and look? That image is a power image.

5. Reaches your ideal audience 

The more you post the power images of your brand, the more you are going to attract the kind of customer that you want. And since your ideal audience knows other people who fit into your ideal audience, you are going to quickly gain momentum. 

6. Builds brand loyalty 

Power images make people excited about your brand. It doesn’t matter if they have already purchased from you or are just beginning to consider a purchase from you. Photos that reflect your brand will keep your target audience interested in your brand.

7. Makes you unforgettable 

When people know what to expect from your brand, they trust you. When people trust you, they invest their time in your brand (following you on social media, reading content, etc.,). And once you have people investing their time, they aren’t likely to forget your name.

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8. Word of mouth 

Every experienced entrepreneur knows that word of mouth is a critical part of developing a powerful brand. When you post power images, you will create word of mouth. People will want their friends to know about your product!

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9. Engages your audience 

People love to look at images. In fact, images that you post are more likely to create engagement than any other type of post (source).

By consistently posting these types of images, you are providing an experience for your potential customer before they ever have to invest in your brand. The more that you are able to reinforce your brand through these power images, the more you will attract your ideal client.

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