5 ways to book more weddings this year

I opened my computer and stared at the silver apple on the screen. I could think of a hundred ways to grow my business. But I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know what was most important and because of that, my hundred ideas were useless.

I needed to focus. I needed to know where to spend my time or I was going to end up running in a circle. How could I book x number of weddings over and over again? How could I make sure that I was booking the right kind of client for my business?

Branson, MO Wedding at Sycamore Creek Family Ranch | Planning by Allie Rose Events

Here are 5 proven ways to book more weddings this year. Better yet, here are 5 ways you can book more of the right kind of weddings this next year - whether you want to book 5 or 35 weddings!

(1) Blog every wedding

Does blogging really work? It does! Get potential customers hooked on your social media account through sneak peeks and pull them to your website (where your blog lives) and watch people fall in love with your work!

I have heard a lot of people say that blogging is dead, but it’s not true. Blogging is changing. Put your best work on your blog. Put the kind of work your dream client will love on your blog! Trust me, blogging is hard work and weddings take the most time, but it wouldn’t be a priority if it wasn’t changing everything in my business time and time again.

Branson, MO Wedding at   Sycamore Creek Family   Ranch   | Planning by Allie Rose Events

(2) Get your work published

Who wants to get published?! Hey, you can count me! I love getting published because it boosts my SEO score, gets my work in front of potential clients and wedding vendors, makes the bride excited, and it gets vendors excited to work with me. And friend, it’s just plain fun to see your work on blogs and in magazines!

If you’re a photographer, don’t brush over this one. I actually understand why this can be hard - vendors don’t always list their email addresses, you might not hear back from vendors, or maybe you just don’t know where to begin.

Start by uploading your images to an online gallery. I love using PASS or Pixieset! Collect all of the emails of the vendors involved and create an email template for that wedding. Share the images without the watermark or harsh instructions on crediting you! I just always say, “If you use these images online or in print, you can credit me as @jordanbrittley or http://jordanbrittley.com/ - whatever you prefer!” This gives them the info in a way that doesn’t make you sound like a crazy person & it tells them where to find you on social media!

St Louis Missouri Wedding at the St Louis Club and Shrine of St Joseph | Florals by Always in Bloom

(4) Credit vendors on social media

As a photographer, you don’t have to credit a single other vendor because the photo is your work. It’s your property. The copyright belongs to you unless you sell it for a large amount of money. However, vendors will always have to credit you because it’s your photograph.

So why would you try to credit other vendors when you’re just sharing what belongs to you? It’s nice. It actually helps the entire wedding team when you do that and it gets them excited about sharing your work (and crediting you) just when they forgot about that wedding. If you use a professional photo and a personal caption and it feels weird to credit the WHOLE TEAM in the caption, you can just tag everyone in the image and credit certain vendors in the caption.

(5) Make it easy to share photos from the wedding

Online galleries. User friendly online galleries. Using online galleries gets your work delivered fast and it makes sure that nothing is ever lost in the mail on the way to a vendor! Online galleries really start to shine when your clients and vendors can easily access the gallery months later.

St Louis Missouri Wedding at the St Louis Club and Shrine of St Joseph | Florals by Always in Bloom

Don’t just book more weddings because that’s what everyone else is doing! If there’s freedom to cut back on the number of weddings you shoot, don’t accept any pressure to book more and more! These tips are designed to make sure that you’re booking the exact number of weddings that you want to book - whatever number that is!

Isaac and I love shooting about 10-15 weddings each year! We only take 2 weddings each month and we don’t work on Sundays anymore! I guess babies do change everything, but only in the best way possible. Isaac is also the missions pastor at our church and it’s important to us to be there on Sundays as a family. It has been hard to turn down weddings when I knew I would love the couple and wedding team, but I haven’t regretted it one bit!


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