3 goals for the fall

Today is Isaac's first official day back at work after having him home and doing this biz thing together all summer. Friend, it's been such a gift to have him home. Yesterday we did a late family breakfast complete with eggs and bacon. I typically can't stand bacon, but I'm kind of learning to enjoy it from time to time!

Daniel is getting to that age where he joins in the conversation at the dinner table! He tells us about the "big bwue jet" and the "vroom rocketship!" Every night before bed he says, "Tell stories big bwue jet vroom that way like the airplane?" And every time he asks, I pull him into my lap, we turn off the lamp in his bedroom and I make up a story about a Daddy blue jet, Mommy blue jet, and a little baby blue jet.


I have so much to share with you, friend! This summer has refreshed me in a way that I didn't know was possible. I have learned so many momma, wife, and business lessons. It's been a summer of breaking free. I broke free from old habits: staying up way too late, skipping self care, and forgetting about hydration. I broke free from some lies I've believed about myself and I broke free from hustle. More on all of that later, but for now I need to tell ya about some old habits...

Goal: Wake up at 5 am

I have this small goal, which you may have read about on Insta, to wake up at 5am every morning. I'll be real honest with you (because that's just how we do things in this space of the internet) - I have tried to make this a reality in the past and felt so defeated when it didn't happen. But I know now why it wasn't working. Friend, I was going to bed at midnight and trying to wake up at 5 am. After doing that for a couple of days, I would be so tired that I'd sleep through my alarm or forget to set one in the first place. I've realized that I tend to just "go for it" and while that has some advantages, it also means that if I try something and don't succeed, I have a hard time developing a different plan of action. I tend to think that if I just push through and focus hard enough that I can change allthethings, so I'm learning that I need to focus in on slow and consistent changes!

So that means that I'm focusing on a 9:00-9:30 pm bedtime, we aren't watching any tv after Daniel goes to bed (which really hasn't been all that hard), and we are working through our own bedtime routine. I've been diffusing essential oils every night in our bathroom, playing music from this Sleep playlist on Spotify (still adding to it), and washing my face every single night... What? I know, I know. Most people wash their face every night, but I never ever have. [Insert a gazillion face palm emojis] Which leads me to...


Goal: Take care of myself

I have never felt like taking care of myself should be a priority. BUT THIS IS CHANGING.

I'm washing my face every night, taking my time in the shower (no more 4 minute showers for me!) and sometimes I even wear a warm neck wrap and pretend I'm at a spa. Okay, definitely doing that right now while Valor eo diffuses nearby. It's my work oil and it puts me in the writing zone every time!

I've also been going to the spa. :) I had never been before July and the Lord met me there. So I've made that my permanent home for all things manicure & pedicure. And I'm going for a massage really soon! I still don't know if I'll make the massage a permanent thing, but I'll give it a shot!

Goal: Stay hydrated

I fueled myself on caffeine and adrenaline for the longest time. And it turns out those aren't the best resources if you're talking about fueling yourself! Ha! Earlier this year, my health crashed and my energy levels were so, so low. I thought for a second that maybe I was burning out on work, but in reality my body just couldn't keep up with my fuel source.

So now I'm drinking a Yeti water (30 oz) before I drink any coffee and I make myself drink another 30 oz of water as soon as I'm finished with coffee. I guess I view coffee as my reward for staying hydrated! Haha! But so far this system is working to keep me hydrated!

I can't wait to share the business lessons I've learned in the last couple months! By taking time off work, I was able to see where our profits truly lie and what specific actions I can take to effect those profits. I'm a firm believer that not everything has to be profitable to be worth the time investment! But what I'm doing has to fuel something. If it's not fueling the business, it needs to be fueling me. But if it's not fueling the business and it's draining me, it needs to go.

I'll be breaking down what I learned on the blog really soon! It's brought so much freedom and life to the parts of my business that really, really matter and given me so much joy to let go of the things that don't matter a single bit! More on that soon!


After a 1 month writing break, I'm ready to write again. With a new focus. With a refreshed heart. With the goal of sharing my life and encouraging someone along the way. You're a gift to me, friend, and I'm so glad you're here.

Side note: we love love love walking around the lake and flying the drone. I've made 2 videos at this little lake and we'll be back as soon as I don't have to swat all of the mosquitos away from Daniel! 

Video 1: Daniel's birthday movie

Video 2: Embracing the creative song

I hear my little one waking up, so it's time to go love on him. And let me just say that even though we've had some trouble getting him to bed this last week, it's kind of nice that he's been sleeping in until 9:30 each morning!