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Ready to see your own images floating around on Instagram lookin’ light and airy?

You've got content to schedule, an instagram feed to plan, and dreams to run toward. No need to worry about whether or not your images are looking light & airy. Download my free Brittley™ Preset and let it handle the small details so you can get back to the big picture.

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Flay lay photography tips + free marketing images

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What if the stress-free way to nail the light and airy look in-camera was just 30 minutes away?

Get my go-to camera settings for any situation so you can plug them in and nail your photos in-camera. Don’t know how to shoot in manual? No problem. I know how intimidating it can be to switch to manual, so I’ll teach you how without all the techy lingo.


Now that you’ve got your freebies, it’s time to get inspired and start making waves. Because one thing you have in common with your biz? You're meant for big things.

World changing big things.

With hundreds of educational posts, the JB blog will equip and encourage you to build the business and life you were called to.