Coaching for Creatives


Hey, I'm Jordan!

I'm Jordan Brittley and I want to see your business flourish. 

I brought home succulent plant after succulent plant. All I wanted was a cute little corner of growing, thriving beauties and all I ended up with were dead succulents, shriveling back into the dirt from which they came.

There was a time when my business felt like a dying succulent. I was doing all the things. I read every article I could find online, but something just wasn't working.

Named a “World-Renowned Photographer” by style me pretty


I was stuck with Instagram.

Finding my dream clients? No way.

Email inbox = crickets.

Also this: "Umm marketing. Yeah, sure. Isn't that just like working really hard on blogging and social media?"

I had an imaginary formula called hustle and it wasn't paying the bills.

There's nothing like following all of the rules and doing all the things for a little succulent plant (cough, creative business, cough) that refuses to live. It sits there in the bright light with the right pot and... it... just... dwindles. 

All the blog articles and all the freebies you can get your hands on are so great, right? But they don't pay the bills.

Taking specific action steps inside your business pays your bills.

Creating a strategy specific to your own dreams pays your bills.

So picture this scenario: you bring home a succulent (cough, creative business, cough). You water it, put it in the right pot, set it in a bright, sunny spot and it actually lives.

You finally book your dream from Instagram, know how to punch out a blog post like you were made to write, and marketing (aka asking for the sale) is more of an instinct than pouring a second cup of coffee.

How would that feel?



There are only 2 coaching sessions remaining for 2017. As soon as you book the 1 hour coaching call, we'll send over a questionnaire for you and get this thing rolling!


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"Jordan facilitated the growth I was looking for.

She focused my attention on the aspects of my business where I naturally shine, and provided helpful questions and insight for areas where I lacked clarity.

She's an open book and is cheering me on to achieve my highest potential."

-Jenna Nicole Photo


coaching is for you if...

  • You want to sound like yourself when you write that Instagram caption

  • You want to book your dream clients 

  • You want a strategy customized for your business so you can stand out

  • You are ready to action and make huge leaps in your business

  • You are ready for a road map to get you from point A to point B

  • You are ready to master the key to great marketing

  • You want to take vacation without shutting down your business

Because that next step is only one step away.


"I found out this week that the first real wedding I submitted was picked up by GREY LIKES WEDDINGS! 

Such an accomplishment in my first year of business!

I honestly don't even know how to describe the feeling when I read the acceptance email. You gave me the courage to submit to my dream publications and ITS HAPPENING!

-Brittany Jean Photo



Coaching process 

  1. Once you book a session, I'll send you a questionnaire so I can get to know you and your business.
  2. I'll use your answers to build an intentional road map for our coaching call based on your #1 priority.
  3. We'll hop on a 1 hour video call (don't worry, I'll set up the tech stuff) and we'll wrap up with a quick Q&A.
  4. I'll follow up with a coaching call report detailing what we talked about and action steps you can take right away!


Why Jordan?

Friend, I totally get it. Your options are endless as far as coaches go, so why invest in JB coaching? I have this unique ability to identify true strengths in each business and individual. There's some encouragement, sure. Let's be real: sometimes we all need a boost (or a kick in the booty).

But my favorite part of this process is building the strategies and action steps you need to take right now to move forward right now. 

You may have come here hoping to be like every other creative, but you weren't meant for that. Through this process you'll learn to embrace your strengths and use them in a way that sets you apart in business.



  1. How much does it cost?
    A one hour coaching session is $300.
  2. What will i walk away with?
    You'll walk away with a business strategy and action steps to take right now. We will tackle your #1 priority for the call in great detail and make sure you are equipped to move forward in that area.
  3. Can we talk about photography?
    Yes! I'm an open book, so we can talk editing, shooting, film, etc.
  4. Do you do group coaching?
    Yes, you can book a group coaching session. Contact Jordan for a custom coaching package.
  5. You give away so much through blog posts and freebies. can this really help me?
    The blog and freebies may have been a great help to you, but this coaching session is designed to transform your business. I would love to give away everything I know on the blog, but there isn't enough time in the day! 
  6. Do you offer workshops?
    We get asked this question a lot! I'm so honored, but we aren't hosting workshops at this time.
  7. Can I book more than one hour?
    Sessions longer than 1 hour are reserved for businesses I've already coached. A one hour coaching call will hold more than enough action steps and strategies. It's best to build hours over time.
  8. Will I benefit from this if I'm not a wedding photographer?
    Yes! This session is built around your business needs. Common topics for non-photographers are blogging, copy, email marketing, and social media.