Zoo adventure and the joys of running

My sweet friend, Deena, is coming for a visit today. Our house isn't spotless and the laundry isn't finished and our ducks are very much out of alignment. All of those things would have been so stressful years ago. Friends, I'm thankful for the mess today. I'm thankful that our home is a place where Daniel feels like he can run around, explore, and be creative!

I was flipping through photos from the zoo earlier this morning. I went to the zoo with Deena before I ever found out I was pregnant and we love taking Daniel to the zoo, so I imagine that was my thought process. As Daniel has grown, he has become more aware of the animals right in front of him. He loves the giant turtle, the hippo (pronounced "Pippo" in our house), and the wolves (aka "doggies").

The very first time we ever took him to the petting zoo, my littlest sister, Jianna, was with us. Isaac bought some feed and we fed the animals so Daniel could get an up-close look at the sheep. The animals would put their front two hooves on the wooden fence and open their mouths. Picture any image of a screaming goat and that's what it looked like, minus the screaming! It was hilarious and just slightly disturbing to our 10 month old! He would try to reach his hand out to touch the goat and then pull his hand back and shudder. We laughed so hard!

I'm so thankful for every little memory of Daniel doing something or trying something for the first time. He teaches me so much about living unhindered and running wild and free. Like on Wednesday when we were walking into Church and he wanted both of us to hold his hands. He started moving those little feet as fast as he could and saying "Nun, nun, nun!" Who, in their right mind, is overjoyed just because they get to run?! See what I'm saying? This boy is changing my perspective one little moment at a time.

Jordan BrittleyComment