You crashed my blog and I didn't even know it!

This little blog is on its own little server now! How fun is that? I remember hearing bloggers talk about hosting on their own server years and years ago. I pictured a huge machine hiding in their coat closet for their cool blogs. As it turns out, the servers are virtual! Ha! I laugh just thinking about it! St Louis Zoo by Jordan Brittley_002

Well I switched over to VPS Web Hosting and am so thankful that I did! I had several blog readers email and message me over the weekend saying that they have been having trouble getting to the blog for a couple of weeks. When you sign up for a web hosting, you share a server with other people. There was some sort of attack on the shared server and then I shared this blog post. She told me that those two things "took down" the server!

I have spent so much time trying to get the issue resolved and wanted to make sure we didn't have an issue like that again! Finally, a sweet customer service gal told me about VPSs (Virtual Private Servers).

You are ready for a VPS if you...

  1. often have hosting issues (aka your blog goes down more than 8 times each year)!
  2. want to make sure that your site doesn't go down just because someone else on the server had an issue!
  3. have seen your blog audience grow significantly in the last year!

If that sounds like you, contact your web host and talk to them to see if it would fit your needs better. It comes with a pretty little price tag, but if you have experienced the great blog takedown then it just might be worth it to you!

I'm excited that we will have our own little space on the internet now! Que the coffee, weddings, and all the biz talk you can stand!

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