Working from home with a 3 week old baby

Has it really been 3 weeks already? The first two days felt like weeks and the last few weeks have felt like days. Maybe that's because all the days start to run together at some point. I know that not all of you who read the blog are moms, but I have had some of you ask how I am still working with a newborn. And the answer is carefully. I have been diligent in drawing boundaries around our family because I don't want memories of work to take over memories of life. I want to be present, soak up each moment, spend time with Isaac, and cuddle with our little Daniel.

I wanted to share what I have learned in the last few weeks. I'm hoping that this will encourage you if you find yourself in a similar situation. Each day is a new day. I will make adjustments and learn more as time goes on, but I think that I will probably use a lot of these pieces of wisdom even as Daniel gets older.

Working From Home with a 3 Week Old Baby - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Work around your baby's schedule

If you're already holding your little babe, then you probably know that you aren't in control of much. A baby's sporadic nursing habits can mess with a work schedule. So I would suggest going into work with a different mindset: work around the baby.

Our precious little ones are now the priority. Yes, there are timelines and deadlines. But focus on living in the present. Don't worry about the long list of to-dos. Just take care of your baby and enjoy that time! Then tackle that list of to-dos while he or she is sleeping. You are not going to regret all those kisses and snuggles.

Pick Up Along the Way

Our child isn't really able to make messes for himself. But throughout the day, I leave a burp cloth here and a blanket there. Only I do that with everything that I use during the day.

I have found it extremely helpful to pick up along the way. If I see something that needs to go to the dirty clothes, I take it with me to the laundry room. And then when I'm in the laundry room, I grab the basket of clean clothes and drop it off in the nursery. Little things like this have helped me to keep things picked up without wearing myself out!


We brought on a new team member in the fall and I could hug her every time she walks in the door. In fact, I do. She is managing all of the editing for Jordan Brittley so I can focus on time with my family.

My husband is taking care of post office and bank runs. Without these two people on board, I would be wearing myself out! And we all know that giving birth wore us out enough.

Set reasonable expectations

There have been days where it has taken me all day to do one simple task. At first it felt like failure, but today I count it as success. Because if it took me all day to do that task, then all of the other time was spent focused on things that matter.

And on the days where I can get "so much" done? I count those as success too. As it turns out, motherhood is a win-win kind of situation.

Do a little each day

During Daniel's first or second nap of the day, I do a load of laundry or sweep the floor or vacuum our room. It typically takes me anywhere from 5-15 minutes and I never feel too exhausted at the end of it. This was even something I could do when Daniel was just a few days old! Just be sure to not overdue it.