I want to write something inspiring. And I have been sitting here trying to dream up the words to say to you. Because I want to be moved toward Him. And I want the same for you. And the words won't come. Because I am still trying to figure it out myself. Perhaps one of the greatest transformations in my own life is this new desire to long to read the Word of the Lord. Because for so long, I have neglected this part of my relationship with God. Thinking that I could simply pray and I would receive the same fulfillment, I have ignored this part of my life. And I still don't think I understand just how much I need it... like it is more valuable to my body than the food I eat each day. I want to live like that. Like the Word is more valuable than the food I eat.

I want to read the Word whether by desire or by discipline. And here, I begin a new journey. May we run together in the Word. May we look forward to the promises and fulfillment of His Word. May we be full of His Word, destroying the lives of the world with the Word of truth. Haiti Mission Trip 2012

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